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I have a pair of each - 8 eyelet black and oxblood - and I love then equally.Could do with a brown pair.
I could tell you a story about white gloves, but this is a family show.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day, and today I picked up a really nice bottle-green lambswool crew-neck by Johnstons of Elgin. Lousy pic, taken on my phone, doesn't do it justice.
Two pairs of gash Lees bought at Matalan.
'Brolly Boys' are an entirely new one to me!
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day. Today we had a batch of well-run-in Levis, all 33" waist, 32" leg.
I'm free either date, as things stand.
"If you pick up on quick, you can say you were there..." The Cure.
Miss Mystery and I will be going to see T2 tomorrow. This is Scotland, it's obligatory. Begbie looks almost stylish! Choose sta-prest, choose loafers, choose a Harrington jacket...
For one awful moment the word 'Skinabilly' came into my mind.I got better.
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