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I can remember the first couple of times I came across the term 'Ivy League' in the mid 1960s. One was in the 1965 book 'Generation X', describing the suits worn by a young mod. The other was of course the name of the British band, formed in 1964 (hits: 'Funny How Love Can Be', and 'Tossing and Turning').
That's right, as far as I remember it. However it's still a lovely jacket! (I meant to reply to M. L'inspecteur, but same point)
The Book: Slow process, still transcribing from the thread. Only got as far as p.514, but at least it's a 'moving vehicle'. Sorry it's taking so long.
Nae bliddy idea, pal. Eh wiz born colour-blind!
Excuse my cynicism, but that seems a little too much like wishful thinking.
I think I may have admitted to being an 'anarcho-syndicalist' somewhere early in the thread, but I've never given any indication of which way I voted (if at all) in the Scottish referendum. In any case, the blokes I was going on about were/are perfectly entitled to their opinions and brand of patriotism. It wasn't that I was objecting to, it was their behaviour.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Some were, some weren't. Scottish, I mean.
A couple of photos found whilst 'housekeeping' today. No info about the first. The second one is Angie Dickinson on a Vespa. Just because.
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