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Bloody worn-down ones!
I can remember streets in Liverpool (my mum's birthplace - I moved there briefly in 1975) where there was nothing left but the pubs on the corner. They couldn't be knocked down because they were 'tied houses' and belonged to the brewery. The rest of the landscape had been flattened.
Mrs Mystery was ironing it yesterday and found three holes in the sleeves, so it's going back to them!I know it was a charity shop shirt, but we both work in a charity shop ourselves, and we know that 'best practice' in all charity shops is not to sell damaged clothes, but to put them in the bag for the rag man.It was only a gash 'Blue Harbour' one from Markie's, but it was one of their better efforts, genuinely a three-finger job. Not a brilliant photo, but I can tell you...
It's in the wash. Later.
Just a heads-up. Matalan have some pretty decent Wranglers fairly cheap at the moment. Yesterday I actually found a three-finger-button-down shirt for 4 quid. It was sitting in the window of a charity shop!
I could never get on with segs. I didn't want to sound like Fred Astaire.
Oh bloody hell - Mark Wingett in a donkey jacket! Here we go again!
And some of us tried to do this look and failed miserably, as shown in that photo of me.Talking of 'epic fail', I remember one of the Blackpool crew who came from a family without much money. He couldn't afford decent gear. He bought a second-hand suit at a charity shop. It had a three-button jacket, and looked almost passable from the front. When you looked at it from behind it was obvious that the jacket had no vent, and was old-fashioned. It was black, and he got the...
Look at it this way:1. Short hair looked smart. Smart did well for school.2. School blazers had 3 buttons.[Don't forget that school blazers were mod gear in the 60s anyway. In my school you could wear what the school rules referred to as a 'lounge suit', or 'sports jacket and trousers' with just the school tie, so basically you could wear something with roughly the right style anyway.]3. We didn't wear DMs most of the time outside school either.(I had my first pair of mod...
It looks small because it's pushed up over the neckline of that sweater. Don't forget that at that time I was at school and had zero disposable income, so I wore just about anything I could get my hands on. All I recall about that polo shirt is that it was red and (I think) long-sleeved. It would have been a gash brand bought at a high street shop.
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