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Your vertical hold's gone!
Somebody mentioned the recurring question about where to clip your braces. Rule-of-thumb for me: 1) where they help your strides hang right, and 2) where they don't slip off your shoulders.
I seem to remember that we got ours from a branch of Millets in Lewisham.
His suits were immaculately tailored. I have been watching some 1968 episodes on the ITV hub.
Fred Perry: Freds were the tennis shirt of choice where I was. If anything, I saw more mods wearing alternative brands (usually entirely without logos) than skinheads. 'The': Just going back to 'mob' names, such as 'The Kilburn'. I've remembered an incident from 1969. There was a whole bunch of us in the bowling alley cafe in Lewisham one day, which one of the two places we would all regularly meet (the other being the Savoy Rooms, of course). We were discussing...
Meanwhile... Simon Templar, The Saint Series 6 ep3, in an unlined Harrington.
Really? Gosh, that had entirely escaped my notice!
That rings a bell. Thanks Bryan.
Continuing to collate the book. I have found in my notes contributions from the following, who seem to have been around 'back in the day'. I need confirmation from them that they were, and details of their names. I'm posting this appeal here, but will also send PMs (with the proviso that I'm STILL not getting alerts!): Circustavern777 (Alan? Would have been about 14 in 1969, which is okay.) Pressure Drop (Chris?) Gringo.
Just a little lesson in the English language, Gilles. 'Modest' is not the superlative form of the adjective 'mod'.
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