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... from Magical Mystery Tour. Yes.
Of course to be perfectly 1967 we also need to lose the sleeve pockets.
On the other hand, that looks like you've nicked the lining of my motorbike jacket!
I have been looking for something like that for yonks, to go with my tan suede trucker!
Now there's a coincidence, Steve, because that's exactly what I'm doing. In fact I'm compiling a book based on 'conversations' in this thread.I wonder if you remember one Sunday night at Catford when you got some of us up from the audience to have a try at DJing? There were three of us. One was a black lad - he wasn't too bad at it, but I got more applause from the audience, so I won. I can't remember if there was a prize.I remember all your antics, such as standing on one...
Tuck the pocket-flaps inside and you almost have the perfect 1967 NW look.
Is that really you?
Thank you.I bloody hope not!
I don't really like the detail on that.I have a cheap blue Harrington which I am now reluctant to wear since I got that G9 from John Simons.
I've certainly never seen them before.
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