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Anyone else rate Jim Broadbent's overcoat in London Spy?
... look all right on orange monkeys.
Just a quickie - more or less a duplicate from the other thread. Below is the suit that was just delivered from Adam of London. With side vents, it is more 'mod' than 'skinhead', and in fact is almost identical to a suit I got from a mod-turned-arty bloke at Goldsmiths. We were exactly the same build, and I wore the suit from 1968 to 1970, sometimes wearing the trousers as casual slacks with a Harrington. I think after that I wore it as an office suit for a while. Not a...
We mentioned suits by Adam of London a couple of pages back. Mine was delivered today. This isn't a brilliant pic, but it'll give you the idea. it might be a 'mod suit' rather than a 'skinhead suit' (due to the vents), but on the other hand it's almost identical to a suit I got from a mod-turned-arty bloke at Goldsmiths in 1968, and I wore it right through skinhead. Also, here's a decent pic of the Baracuta G9
Not a bad suit the bloke in the middle has.
I picked this up from Pete Heed's Facebook page - I'm sure he won't mind. Then again, I'm sure we've had this one before. Anyway. I've put some numbered comments on it. First off, however, Pete and his friends identified themselves as 'mods' throughout the skinhead era. The original on Facebook was captioned 'Southend 1968'. Some of the items worn seem 1969 IMO, but no matter. Click to see a bigger version. 1. There are plenty of V-neck sweaters. A number of the blokes...
Not to mention some utterly hideous pre-rupert-era ruperts!
We look like the bailiffs, come to seize his stock!
Here are a few more pics, and I'm glad to say Inks has got his sleeves sorted out! Mr Knightley and Clouseau (Good grief - he's even tall sitting down!) Covskin and Inks listening in rapt attention to Mr K Clouseau and browniecj We sent 'the boys' round to sort out that John Simons bloke... ... 'the boys' being Aces&Eights, Clouseau. Inks, and Mr Knightley.
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