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Oy Gevalt!
[I'm beginning to feel like I have multi-personality disorder, having spent half of the era in the North and half in the South!]
I can tell you it was not an uncommon happening in t'North!
See, the term 'skinhead' being first applied as a term of abuse (in S E London anyhow) by longer-haired greaser/prog types, it never implied that you had a shaved head. It was a taunt flung at blokes with college-boy and peanut haircuts, simply because those styles were short compared to the cool-and-trendy or downright-scruffy long styles. Thus anyone with Danny Eccles' or my hair length (in roytonboy's post above) would have been called a 'skinhead'. I can remember going...
Point of information, that's me, early 69.
I remember these businesses that apparently didn't want to make money. Is that cinema a Tesco now?
Re my post above. I clicked on the link for the suede jacket and got a 'Sorry that item is no longer available' message. What??? I did manage to find a pic of it in my browser history (see below). I think that apart from the constantly-selling jeans, Levis do one-offs - limited availability specials - and you have to be quick of the mark to find them. So if anyone is looking for a modern version of something like this (rather than a vintage original) I think a visit to...
Here's the link to the suede jacket on the Levis site:http://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/men-clothing-jackets/p/723330036The leather is like the pic below, but with a red tag. Very soft leather. My daughter was with me when I tried it on, and she said it suited me. I have to say it's a pretty slim fit.TBH I would have killed for jackets like this back in '68. I had no idea where you got them - I had never seen them in the shops.I recall that you had to be hard to wear a leather...
It always seems to be the youngsters joining in who use the labels.
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