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Wow, I thought there might be some skeptics, but not outright attack. And using something as meaningless as my post count to characterize my intentions? Unfortunate indeed, but no matter. For the other posters, here are my remaining thoughts (having just finished my first day wearing the suit). I am not a high-end buyer (my experience limited to J.A.B. and some Macy's), so I cannot compare to some of the brands mentioned. I know there are better quality suits out...
I have no idea as to the genesis of the name Baroni. Frankly, I tend to agree with the previous poster who suggested it was a tacky attempt to mimic Brioni. The suit speaks for itself in any event, regardless of the silly name (hopefully I'm not impugning the good name of a designer).
My apologies, you are correct. The suits I purchased were Danielle suits; however, the tags attached to the jacket buttons were Baroni tags. I apologize for the confusion. For those who feel this is an old review, I understand your skepticism. What can I say, this was just my experience; take it or leave it. Regards.
I recently purchased three Baroni suits from Wizard of Ahhs (ebay), and wanted to offer my opinion. The suits arrived on time and well packaged. Price was ~ $260 with shipping. I was impressed by the the look and initial fit of suits (not slim but not baggy - good for an average build). More importantly, when I picked the suits up from having them altered, my trusted tailor (who makes bespoke suits) could not stop going on about the quality of the material and...
Can you provide measurements on the JA, thanks
PM sent, thanks.
What size is the JCrew sweater, I can't quite make out the label?
Are the BB1 trousers pleated or flat? Thanks.
PM sent. Thanks.
PM sent.
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