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actually an american brand. everything they make is designed for and worn by 13-year-olds. founded by one of the members of late-90s pop band blink-182, and not surprisingly, the brand is the clothing equivalent of blink-182 if i wanted a cheap skate shoe, i'd get vans
TOJ isn't ending- just TOJ in its current incarnation, including the MTM servicethat said, i agree that the A1 doesn't get enough love and imo it's superior to the A2. perhaps the A2 would be a better "everyday" jacket, however.and i don't know what drew's plans are, but i have a feeling that now may be your only chance to get a BB jacket, so i'd get one of those, foremost of all
There's a snap button on the inside of the collar so the dangly part can be tucked inside
amazingthis pic really didnt get enough love when it was first postedgreat news i hope the usual leathers will still be available
hmm ... in retrospect, i should've done this w/ my old clarks DBs instead of simply throwing them out when the crepe sole wore out:- /
- RRL Ralph Lauren - "Roughout" Leather Braided Cuff - Made-in-Italy - Brass Hardware - One size (3 notches to adjust fit) Picked this up this winter from a local Polo RL store for $98, have worn it off & on since then, but it doesn't fit too well on my wrist so I'm selling it now. My wrist circumference is 6.0" right above the ulnar styloid (I have really skinny arms), so I'd recommend this only if you have slightly thicker arms than I do. I think this cuff was designed...
Is there a coupon code for SF members? Or a coupon code generally?
you say the APC PS marked '28' truly have a '34' waist. how is this possible? i thought APC PS 28 have 30 ... were they simply stretched -out?
not trying to be rude, but is there something about that shirt that i'm missing? honestly, it seems like any other average-joe shirt you can pick up from the mall. the fit, materials, and pattern look pretty unspectacular, pretty much like the go-to friday night shirt 50% of the dudes on any college campus could be found wearing
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