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Yep, I usually use some Wild Turkey bottling. No need to use anything top-shelf for a mixer. A straight rye would probably taste good, but then it wouldn't be a mint julep.
While there are multiple methods of syrup prep, mint-muddling/infusing, etc- in my mind, the secret to a good julep is picking the right bourbon. Stick with a spicy, rye-heavy expression to balance out the sweetness of the drink. Stay away from sweet bourbons like Makers or Blantons.
Yeah, it's a good drink. Named after the well-known British officers' club in Burma/Myanmar in the late 1800s. The drink was popularized abroad in the 1920s I think. Anyway, there is a newish cocktail club in Soho NYC of the same name. A bit pricy, but the cocktails are quite well made, and the space is very nice.
Michael, I'm really digging a lot of your stuff and have been meaning to place an order for a while. Do you take Google Checkout payments? I'd really rather not give Paypal my business.
Check out Obenauf's.
He means front-line retail is only marginally better than food service. Having worked both during HS and college, I will concur. If you want to try and land an unskilled temp job in retail, I suggest trying to get a back-office or logistics job (if you don't mind paperwork drudgery for the former and possible heavy lifting for the latter). Being a sales clerk at Macy's is not a particularly good learning experience and a pretty unsavory job to boot.
I was in there a couple days ago to check out the white bucks they are carrying this year. The suits were not on sale. As for the bucks, they were pretty subpar.
Your friends must be nerds. Maybe it's just the young neighborhood talent that I mistook for NYU students, but the sightseeing in, say Washington Square, is far superior to that in Riverside Park.
Yes, SierraTradingPost has the Haspell on sale right now for $149. And of course, there's always Brooks Brothers. It's around $340 I believe. J Crew also one in tan or grey for around $300 that is a bit slimmer than BB but cheaper detailing of course. There also is a Rag&Bone one at Barneys that I really liked for somewhere around $550.
So here's a question for the experts that I'm unclear about. If it is single-breasted, is it really still a trench? Or would that be a macintosh?
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