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Quote: Originally Posted by blynch Anyone else get bored with jcrew and move on? I was all over jcrew a year ago, lots of purchases (especially on sale), but even at deep discount nothing seems worth it to me anymore. I guess ToJ and Epaulet have replaced it as my go to clothing, since they aren't much more expensive and the fit/quality is considerably better for me. Well I guess it depends where you are in life because since I'm still a...
How do these runs of 1969 denim work? Like in the past do they initially just come out with a denim at the beginning of the season and no restocks?
Quote: Originally Posted by JayoxD The summer is coming up and I want to get some sperrys but im not sure what size i should get. I wear 9 in Chucks 8.5 in Clarks any help guys? Thanks! I wear a 10 in chucks, a 10 in clarks, and a 10 in sperry. If you can fit a 8.5 in Clarks then you can fit a 8.5 in sperry.
Quote: Originally Posted by freewilliee So does anyone know if they sell the red chambray shirt in stores? I might just have to call jcrew to locate one for me if they do. The store I go to still has a full stack of the red chambray.
Can I get a clarification on the red phone? These are my current understandings. 1) Free shipping ONLY on full retail items. 2) Current PROMO codes apply (student discount (15? or 10%) or occasional sale) Question 1) Will they make you pay the shipping if you ultimately decide to return the item? 2) If something is waitlisted online will they tell you the same thing on the red phone? 3) What's the policy on sale items?
Quote: Originally Posted by smithsj How much slimmer are the outlet shirts? An XS from the regular store fits me perfectly, I couldn't get away with buying a S and then washing it could I? Um maybe in the chest and the waist it would be fine but I think it would be too big on the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz And on that note, where are the clearence centers nearby to NYC ? I really don't mind an hour or so drive so it technically doesn't have to be really close to NYC. The outlet store at Woodbury Commons consistently has garbage., IMO at least. There are only TWO clearance centers, one is in Lynchburg, VA and the other is in Arden, NC both are not realistically weekend driving distances from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wheeler Where's the clearance center in NC?
I was there on Friday during the pouring rain. Excuse my naivety but I've never checked out shoes from J.Crew before but what are the bumps on the sole of the shoes for? I saw them on the wingtips and the bucks.
After hearing about the clearance center I just had to stop by (The one in Arden) on my way back from Florida. I was able to find a decent of selection for small but as far as pants its pretty hit or miss but the prices were amazing. I picked myself up a Sutherland trench, a fatigue jacket, 2 shirts, and a belt. I wonder what their sidewalk sales are like. I totally regret not picking up the black shawl collar cable knit sweater I saw >.>. But my friend said I looked...
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