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Quote: Originally Posted by Jack2000 ...Everybody here showed up with square toe Ken Coles, boot cut dad jeans and one suit that was 2 sizes too big. A year later they have bespoke suits made of unicorn hair and custom shoes made of Russian reindeer. Oh my lord, that's so true. Some of us just can't afford to spend $600-$1200x4 on "styleforum acceptable" John Lobb, Tom Ford, or Edward Green shoes...so we have to "slum" (lol) with...
I'm no expert on slim stuff, but it doesn't even look like they can fit their own dummy very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock that actually looks great imo. have you been able to replicate it? Yeah I have. You start with a standard 3-stairs fold, but be sure not to press any of the folds into place. In the step where you have the quarter triangle (This is the step just after you've folded the three stairs, where you've folded the kerchief in half directly over the folds that will make the staircase) you have to manually offset the...
Someone should edit the OP so that there's a running list at the top of the forum.
I prefer...the DRAGON's MANE!! lol. (I did this accidentally when screwing around with the three stairs. Not 2 bad akshually.)
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Beyond that, its just a matter of how motivated the person at customs is feeling that day. Exactly. Alot of times they'll just charge you anyway even though they weren't supposed to because many people will just be too lazy to do anything about it...
When it comes to dirt cheap shirts, nothing beats jockey IMHO. The cotton stays soft an pliable for a very long time, and doesn't seem to roughen up, or turn into a baggy shirt over time. Mine have stayed form fitting for about 3 years now. I also love their sleeveless tees. Great quality for what you pay.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform As reported elsewhere, I recently bought a shirt off ebay for $100, made in the USA, and got hit with a close to $50 brokerage fee. I got hit with a $40 brokerage fee when I ordered my $100 Randolph Engineering shades (made in America) to Canada. The list goes on and on. If I could be sure that AE were duty exempt I would have ordered a pair of strands when that sale was going on, but I'm not risking it, and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Nothing - don't do OTR under any circumstances. Any specific suggestion on how we could find an MTM within our price ranges?
Just an FYI for any other Canadians out there. Allen Edmonds shoes ARE exempt from the 17.5% duty b/c they are made in the USA (you still have to pay 5% GST though). I called DHL brokerage, and they say they are going to refund the $60 duty. Nice!
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