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I had the same question. Ordered both from Nordstrom (free returns!). Still confused a little. Copper seems to be a little more red. It seems to be how these get scuffed/dryed out to tell the real difference. Would be glad to hear from others as well.
Size recommendation on the Shawl Knit Jacket? I'm a 36s 14.5x32 fella and am usually on the line between XS/S in EG depending on the season- which is exactly why I've taken a year off...just wish they were consistent (probably the first person to ever say that:embar:) Thanks!
Mike/Epaulet: I know it's freezing and all but I just came across the Seaward & Stearn swim trunks someone just mentioned and I'll be damned if they aren't exactly what I've been looking for years. Don't suppose you have any a Small in the Navy do you? Or plans to bring them back...It's what I get from taking my off the EP ball! Rocking the Rivets with merino long johns, need to get some those Walt Flannels ASAP!
Ian, I would love to see how the "collar surgery" went if you get the chance. It's one of the things that drives me a little nuts about the coat before ordering it. Thanks!
I am down with the shawl pea coat. Would this possibly come in navy next year (i am insane, i know)? anyone have insight into grey vs navy in the pea coat- were they always navy or was there variation before it became settled on navy as we know it now? they are damn sharp, love the cut. regards, joe
5 pairs of chinos, with a pair of the shorts on the way- dangerous and looking forward to more. Just ordered the shorts and noticed that although I am registered, when I pay with PayPal it doesn't keep my order history in my Epaulet account. does this matter at all? As for the new suit jackets, hitched single vent? The double vent is fine and all but I feel beholded to the single vent. Too Americana? Saving up for the new Fall drops. Keep up the good work Epaulet!
Killing me Mike with the new Western print loafer. Hoping these come in a B come Fall because lord knows I need a pair. As an owner now of 5 pairs of the chinos, in the past two months mind you, I'll say caution to all new comers to Epaulet- it's addicting. I've been holding off on the shirting but it's time to take the plunge. Looking forward to the shorts. Any thoughts on single vents on the jackets?- hope that isn't sacrilegious to ask on here...
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