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None of my suits fit. I am going to need a suit for a funeral next MONDAY and quite possibly an upcoming job interview. I am also losing weight (so who knows what will fit in a few months...). They are having a sale on Hickey Freeman suits at Saks (~$900). I am thinking about buying one this weekend. Would you trust them to adjust it? I suppose I could find a tailor in Indianapolis, IN (closest large city), but this is awful short notice. Alternatively, I could...
lol wut? I've never heard a woman say this. Usually, it's "did you notice I cleaned?!"
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Most of us have gone insane/gone to ground/turned into perverts because of 4chan. bahahaha
That really is quite stunning. I REALLY want to snatch this up..
Those shoes are hot. I don't think I have any clothes that would go well with them though.
You need to get your hands on a good microscope and get counting.
Loading this thread on my crappy work computer caused firefox to crash. Epic.
Greetings All, I'm 27 years old and have just started to get into style. I do not make a lot of money, however, I've come to realize that the way you present yourself means quite a bit. I don't have any nice suits. I have a few pairs of shoes that I would call nice, but not perhaps by SF standards. I know you have to start out somewhere, which is why I'm posting. What brand of suit would be a decent balance between affordability and quality? I've been reading the...
Quote: Originally Posted by deanayer Write yourself two checks to cash for $42,000 each then cash them to remove the deposit problem. You will be back to your regular balance. Put the $84,000 down on 40 Brioni suits (size 42R) and then never pick them up. You wont have the money, you want have the merchandise AND eventually the 40 suits will find their way to Ebay or Styleforum's buy/sell page. /why yes I am a 42R this made me chuckle
Forgive me if I missed it, but what is the length / waist size on the sweatpants?
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