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I think it's pretty bad. If I wore that, I would hope someone would tell me. I'm just getting into this stuff too, so don't worry about it. Look around for some pictures on here and try to get a good idea of what a suit should look like on a person.
I'm jealous. I got a kenneth cole reaction tie and and a pair of fleece pants from gander mountain for christmas. roflcopter.
Beautiful. Naughty or nice?
I have completely lost my mind from reading SF. I think I reached my peak of insanity while reading the WAYWT...
One says flannel and the other says baize cloth...Either one would look good.
I think the suit fits nicely as well. I don't like the shirt, but to each his own. When you look in the mirror, do you like the way you look? Does it accurately project who you want to be?
I want that cream overcoat to have my children.
What would be a good compromize of quality and price? Yeah I know I *shouldn't* buy the hickey freeman, but they look so nice... Meh.
None of my suits fit. I am going to need a suit for a funeral next MONDAY and quite possibly an upcoming job interview. I am also losing weight (so who knows what will fit in a few months...). They are having a sale on Hickey Freeman suits at Saks (~$900). I am thinking about buying one this weekend. Would you trust them to adjust it? I suppose I could find a tailor in Indianapolis, IN (closest large city), but this is awful short notice. Alternatively, I could...
lol wut? I've never heard a woman say this. Usually, it's "did you notice I cleaned?!"
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