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I imagine you meant that the black version of that shoe? Which tie? Of course, I'm asking because I don't know what the hell I'm talking about (or I'd dress myself...). I really really appreciate everyone's help.
I need a solid navy suit for a job interview. I don't have a lot of money so nothing too extravagant... I would prefer two-button. Thanks!
What would be a good conservative belt?
Quote: Originally Posted by iDoc From the website and OP, "COUPON EXPIRES JANUARY 9th, 2010." Thanks. Ugh I read the thread and looked at the website but missed it .
How long does this sale run for?
Not everyone has a ton of money, (namely me) so in truth, I appreciate all replies. Thank you for your opinion rgoldstein .
Would those J&Ms go well with jeans? What would be a good blue/charcoal suit to wear? No Syms near by. I live in Lafayette, IN (60 miles north of Indianapolis). Would this suit be too light? Hugo Boss gray 42R. I know I know hugo boss aren't good, but I'm not rich.
These are the shoes. I didn't think they were THAT bad lol. What would you guys recommend? Would these be better (Van Ness)? I still don't know what shirt/tie to go with... and what about links to a Navy suit?
Yes, I have a fat ass. Trying to work on that. Would it be better to go double vented then...? I said in my orginal post that I was sorry for the shirt/tie combo lol. I would not ever ever wear that, but it was what I had handy. Can you guys link me to a good interview suit, shirt, etc... If it helps, it's a scientist job so they may not be that fashion forward anyway. Are my shoes alright for an interview?
What is wrong with it? I don't disagree, but I would like to know what to look for so I can find something else.
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