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Great thread !!
How formal is the event? I don't think I would go with a double-breasted, but I'm new.
Well I read that you shouldn't wear charcoal over black, which is usually what I wear... Yeah I'll have to be careful .
What brands of topcoats do my fellow forum members like? I have a charcoal topcoat but really want a cream. I saw a BB topcoat in the B&S forum but how do you guys feel about BB topcoat quality?
I sent them back. Aesthetics is less important than feel (they felt great), BUT, that was too much. I don't know of any stores in Indianapolis that (closest large city...meh) that carry these but I'm sure a store in Chicago does. Next time I'm up there I'll check them out. I just really had my heart set on that shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan They are completely wrong for you. Do you have a high instep? I find that many oxfords are intolerant of this (I can't wear insoles with most of mine). Assuming your feet don't feel constrained by the width of the shoe, try sizing up until you can close the laces properly. Or try a different shoe. Stuart The definition I looked up seems to be consistent, but I don't know what a normal instep would...
This is a serious thread. I didn't describe what I meant clearly. My ankle is thick--and since it's thick, the top of my foot appears larger. It isn't larger, it's just where the ankle attaches to the foot. I can take pictures of my feet if you guys want . I should probably send the shoes back.
Well I do a lot of leg exercises at the gym. There is quite a bit of muscle in my ankles, I can feel it. The cross-section of my ankle was quite long to begin with. You would say that the last this shoe was made from is not appropriate for me currently yes or no?
I just bought these shoes. Are my feet too fat for them? I purchased the size 11D but maybe the top of my foot isn't meant for this shoe. What do you guys think?
I'd be interested in camel color topcoats (42-44R) and 17/34 windowpane buttondowns.
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