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Maybe just a bit on the tight side. They look good though, if you catch my drift.
I love my Oakley board shorts. More coverage for men, less for women. That's my take on things.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I like Moleskin for pants but rarely for jackets. It seems plain. Recommendation? So I found this coat on Gilt. I believe it to be calling me. What do you people with actual taste and style say? I've been looking a long time for a nice brown casual coat. Any recommendations (link please) are extremely welcome.
Very generous. I'll buy a ticket.
Well price wasn't really the deciding factor on this coat. I'm not rich so the price is of course nice. I have been looking for a coat that looks like this. I'm not thrilled with the brand, but I really want a casual micro suede or wool coat that looks like this. Someone suggested a coat above (from filson) and that is not my taste.
Well, not poor but definitely not rich. If it sucks, just say so :\\... What would be a good alternative? Kiton is probably too rich for my blood.
I like the way it looks. I wish it was more "brown." What do you guys think? Anyone know a better quality browner coat like this?
I realize you are trying to promote your product, but I was looking for an unbiased poster. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Hells yeah!
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