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Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff That would depend on your profession and the standard of dress as well as your personal style. +1. Really depends. I have been to many chemistry conferences and the style of dress really varies. One conference was very small (60 people) and some came in jeans and Hawaiian shirts. Others came in a suit and tie. I wore chinos and either a polo or a button down. What is your profession / position and how...
Looks amazing. I wish you were taller too .
Are you looking for a suit for a specific event? Job interview, wedding, funeral, etc...
Beautiful. I'm dreaming of it right now.
Interest in 44R.
I definitely want pictures!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Does anyone else see the irony in it saying "ELEGANCE what it mean for women and men" then the group picture being this: I think I actually saw a man wearing those blue fake alligator shoes in a whitecastle at 3am after a friend's bachelor party. He tried to sell us drugs.
I really dislike skinny jeans.
Beautiful ties none the less.
Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope his ending is peaceful.
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