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Are you looking for a suit for a specific event? Job interview, wedding, funeral, etc...
Beautiful. I'm dreaming of it right now.
Interest in 44R.
I definitely want pictures!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Does anyone else see the irony in it saying "ELEGANCE what it mean for women and men" then the group picture being this: I think I actually saw a man wearing those blue fake alligator shoes in a whitecastle at 3am after a friend's bachelor party. He tried to sell us drugs.
I really dislike skinny jeans.
Beautiful ties none the less.
Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope his ending is peaceful.
Maybe just a bit on the tight side. They look good though, if you catch my drift.
I love my Oakley board shorts. More coverage for men, less for women. That's my take on things. http://www.oakley.com/catalog/apparel/shorts
New Posts  All Forums: