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Thanks again. What you recommended was mostly what others wore and I felt comfortable and didn't look out of place. NO ONE brought a swimsuit. There was one guy dressed in...well, I'm glad I wasn't dressed that way.Hah! This turned out to be true. Two people put their feet in and no one swam. Granted, it was only 80F ambient, but the pool was heated.
That sounds fine. I haven't been to a pool party in years. I'm sure a very mild light colored seer sucker shirt would work well too?
What manner of attire would be appropriate to wear to an upscale "pool party?" I will not be swimming. The party is at one of my wife's "old money" friend's homes. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six I can't believe it ever was.
Beautiful items.
I would love measurements on suit #3.
Stunning, wish I could buy it!
I have a fat ass and have this same problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff That would depend on your profession and the standard of dress as well as your personal style. +1. Really depends. I have been to many chemistry conferences and the style of dress really varies. One conference was very small (60 people) and some came in jeans and Hawaiian shirts. Others came in a suit and tie. I wore chinos and either a polo or a button down. What is your profession / position and how...
Looks amazing. I wish you were taller too .
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