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To be serious (and not a sarcastic asshole as I was earlier), as a student who pretty much did the same thing as y'all are looking to do, the best advice that anyone on here can give you is to lurk. Read pages of WAYWT. Find brands that you like and research the hell out of them. Figure out where you're willing to make quantity vs. quality meet (everyone here will tell you to buy expensive things because they last -- students don't always have that much time to do so). My...
Unless you're a student and tend to exist in khakis and blazers like me...
Unf. I love it. Has anyone picked up a bottle of 1792?
I haven't posted on here in ages, but I do finally have a question. I bought some RRL chinos last summer and have beat the hell out of them while traveling around Italy (see: sentimental value). Unfortunately, I ripped the knee (drunk) and there are two holes beginning to form in the ass from where the pocket bags rub against the chino material. Are there any online shops that offer fixes (a la Denim Therapy—I haven't researched this that much, but they did a pretty...
Wait. How is it cowardly? Should I fly out there to break it off? Ha--Edit--Thanks, everyone who replied. Calling in a bit.
The thing is, it really hasn't even been all that long. We met in Florence in September, but didn't start seeing each other until the very end of my stay (< a week). And I've only flown to visit her once. It's more the fact that this will probably come wholly out of the blue.
That was sort of my plan. Glad someone thinks it's a good idea.And that was my qualm with Deadly's suggestion: "Hey, thanks for flying out for 4 days. I can either break up with you now and make the next 3 days awkward, or I can continue to sleep with you and then break up with you right after you leave."I do. That's my issue.
Alright, guys, advice on ending a long-distance relationship (~600 miles) when she probably doesn't see it coming and has a plane ticket to come visit in two weeks...oh, and there's someone else in the picture on my side. Go!
Weird question, guys, but would you happen to have a small collection of the MOP buttons y'all use on your oxfords on hand someone could buy? I seem to have lost four in one really, really strange night.
Hey Mike, Just wanted to ask: I placed 2 separate orders on Saturday, the 31st and got confirmation emails, but no shipping notices. I'm not particularly concerned about when the stuff gets here, as I'm sure you're facing a backlog with the sale up and all, but I was just wondering if this is normal.
New Posts  All Forums: