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Useful degrees are not that hard to define.As it is, your money is being used to subsidize loans so that people with mediocre and sub mediocre intelligence can go into lifetime debt to get useless education. It's a totally broken system.
I would actually be fine with free college if (a) it was limited to qualified students and (b) it was limited to useful degrees. Also limiting college to skill based classes and cutting out all of the art classes and political indoctrination coursework would be good.I think the average Berniebro envisions everybody getting government money to get an 8 year degree in gender studies and that would be a massive disaster.
I'm guessing they are changing his name to "Allah"
I'm at a loss to explain the nation of Sweden. It's like they are determined to make the least reasonable decision in every case. It doesn't even seem like good intentions gone awry at this point. It seems like a people filled with so much self loathing that they can't even commit a quick suicide; they want to torture themselves to death.
It's a shame for him that none of those are an election.
I'll have you know Johnson is poised to get as much as 2% of the vote in some states
This is the future you chose
Hillary gets more corporate money than anyone running. I wouldn't count on her to get corporate money out of politics.
A distinction that is getting lost in the minds of a lot of these hot shots.
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