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A distinction that is getting lost in the minds of a lot of these hot shots.
If you look like this you should not be given a gun and the right to shoot people for the government.
Maybe the worst officer involved shooting I've ever heard ofhttps://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/05/chilling-transcript-released-from-arizona-police-shooting-death-of-daniel-shaver/If you're wondering what this guy did to deserve to die on his knees begging for his life...apparently he had a couple of pellet guns in his room that he used for pest control.
My non-expert opinion is that it's a psychological condition related to depression and anxiety. EDIT: which is basically what Piob already said so yeah
RIP to one of my favorite cult singer-songwriters
sounds like something an antisemite would sayAIPAC has many millions of dollars worth of them you Jew hating Nazi.
No it was long before that. You can at least go back to the student movements of the 60s that triumphed by the end of the decade. Even better, trace it to international communism in the early Soviet era.If you wanna get real historical, it all goes back to the French revolution.
Honestly what the fuck is with Somalis? They have to be the rapiest nation on the planet.
Vice is a CIA front, I'm sure of it.
God forbid anyone in this era ever lose 100% focus on themselves.
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