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Does anyone have experience with the Todd Snyder "Extra Trim Fit" shirts? If I wear a medium in Gant Hugger (snug but not too tight), should I go for a medium or large in the TS?
Looking for a casual sport coat to wear with dark denim. $200 or under. Mid weight, cotton or cotton/wool blend would be ideal. Tan, brown, light grey would all work. Ideal would be no too fashionish but not old man either. Something that would work for a guy in his 30s. Thanks.
So there's a bunch of handwringing over the ESA scientist, who might have landed a spaceship on a comet but who cares because his shirt is SO TRIGGERING http://www.theverge.com/2014/11/13/7213819/your-bowling-shirt-is-holding-back-progress (admittedly that guy should be ashamed of that shirt for pure style reasons but nerds gonna nerd) meanwhile, if you are offended at this, then fuck off you cis het shitlord
It was. I was rooting for TCU but I'm impressed with Baylor's grit. I'm thinking they end up in the playoffs this year.Really impressed with Mississippi State too, even though once again I was on the other side. Auburn shot themselves in the foot over and over again but credit goes to Miss. St. for making them pay for it over and over again. I've been really impressed with the two games I've seen from this team and they may be the class of the SEC this year. I can't...
Watched this one Amazon Prime recently. Very good film with some excellent performances.
You have to love the weasely way they phrased that factoid
Resolution - clever and well acted minimalist indie horror movie. The premise has a few things in common with Cabin in the Woods, but the style and execution are totally different, without any of that movie's Whedon brand cutesiness. EDIT: btw, I just remembered this is on Amazon Prime not Netflix
Burrata and heirloom tomatoes. How did it take me this long to get around to trying this?
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