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http://mydickband.bandcamp.com/ probably nsfw
Capone gets one really great scene in their best episode ever in season 4 I believe.I watched every episode of this show and will watch the rest but I'm really not going to miss it that much. It had a lot going for it; great casting, good production values, costuming, set design, etc; occasionally very good writing (although frequently overheated). I just feel like they never came up with a compelling storyline. When I think of this show, I think of tons of really good...
Weird, I had no idea that was Jan Brady. Not much of a role. Did she appear outside of that one scene?
Just ran into Erykah Badu at Whole Foods. Nice lady. It didn't occur to me until I was walking away that her teenage son must be andre's from Outkast
I like the red but I'm not a fan of chartreuse
Can anyone recommend chinos under $100 that are cut like Levi's 513?
great thanks for all your help
Thanks for the response.If you or anyone else knows: I have a Sail Rigger Tailored fit in Medium, which fits with a bit of room. I also have a Canvas gingham from a couple of years ago in medium that fits but is kind of tight. I'm looking for something similar in fit to my Sail Rigger. Would you guess a medium in the washed oxford would be in this range? thanks
Has anyone tried the washed oxford from Canvas? How does the fit compare to the sail rigger? http://www.landsend.com/shop/sale/mens-casual-button-down-shirts/-/N-fzh
Blue Ruin - A grim, violent and thought-provoking revenge film that is well photographed. The story is minimalist but manages to have some interesting twists. Reminds me a bit of Peckinpah or early Terence Malick.
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