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sounds like something an antisemite would sayAIPAC has many millions of dollars worth of them you Jew hating Nazi.
No it was long before that. You can at least go back to the student movements of the 60s that triumphed by the end of the decade. Even better, trace it to international communism in the early Soviet era.If you wanna get real historical, it all goes back to the French revolution.
Honestly what the fuck is with Somalis? They have to be the rapiest nation on the planet.
Vice is a CIA front, I'm sure of it.
God forbid anyone in this era ever lose 100% focus on themselves.
The whole point is that if a dude who is clearly a dude walks into the ladies room, he can be kicked out and can't protest that despite his beard and cargo pants he's actually transgendered.The counter argument that people seem to keep bringing up is posting pictures of trannies that clearly look like the opposite gender (more often than not steroid pumped women who, at least in photos, appear to be very convincing men). In addition to being unicorns, these are clearly...
Yeah people keep missing the point by posting pics of people who clearly look like he opposite gender. If a guy looks indistinguishable from a woman, or vice versa, then he/she won't raise any eyebrows.
That's practical thinking in general but I would never want to own an apartment building. Way too much hassle and way too easy for deadbeat tenants to screw you over.
Wait, are these midgets who rape or people who rape midgets? This is important.
Often yes. Most of the negligent homicide cases I have seen ended up with no jail time or minimal jail time. Of course those were mostly pleas. Not entirely sure about the convictions.
New Posts  All Forums: