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BTW, the Alternative shirts run small so size up
I like the ones from Alternative Apparel. You can find them on amazon for around 20 bucks usually
Does anyone know if Nudie sportshirt fit as small as their jackets? I can wear a medium in Naked and Famous regular shirts but I can just barely wear them. Should I go for a large in the Nudie shirts?
RIP to one of my favorite cult singer-songwriters
It's so dumb it's funny.Didn't even know there was a new one. TY for the heads up.New M83 is good. Love this band and I appreciate that they never stand in one place too long
My Dick - Orinoco Dick For those who appreciate sophisticated humor
Yeah that's apparently been a bit of a trend in metal for the past few years.Here's one that's even more shoegazey
I bet. I didn't even know what "Funeral Doom Metal" was until a couple of weeks ago and I am already obsessed with it.
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