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I went back several pages and couldn't find the answer to this question, so apologies if it's been asked before. Does anyone have the Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boots? If so, did you go down a .5 or a whole size? Thanks for your help.
I bought a pair of these last week. They're made on the same last as the 875 (23 last). I went .5 size down, but I'm going to return for a full size. Since they're oxfords and don't have the extra laces around the ankle, they're too loose for me.
If you have a narrow foot, go 1 full size down. If you have a medium to wide foot, go .5 size down.
I've tried on both. Go .5 size down in the Beckman. Last 522 fits more true to size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grolsch Do you guys think these will help soften the leather after while? Or am I just going to be in more pain till the boot finally break in, hopefully? The 1907s are the ones that come with the insole right? For me they run true to size. Your boots are probably too small. You might think about removing the insole if there's one in there. If not then you need to sell on ebay and go up a .5 size.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock Got those davidz grey saddle leather ones. Awesome! So jealous. I ordered some and they never charged my card and are not responding to my emails. Hopefully, they'll process the order and get these things to me.
I just bought a pair of GTs. I read everything I could about sizing and here's how it worked for me: Allen Edmonds Park Ave: 10C Vans Authentic: 10 Clarks DBs: 9.5 Chucks: 9.5 Danner Mountain Lite: 10D Red Wing 875: 10B or 9.5 Red Wing GT: 9 I tried on both the 9.5 and 9 and settled on the 9. I have a narrow foot so I went a full size down from my measured size. I know it's been covered in here, but I figured I'd give my two cents.
Quote: Originally Posted by lachyzee I do but they don't have the 899 to take a look at. A 9.5 D was a decent fit in the Iron Ranger/ GT but I think I could also go a 10B for a bit more length but the same width. I am thinking of getting a 10 or 10.5B, i've emailed a few stores to see what they say. Though someone said above that the 899 has the same last as the Iron Ranger so i'm not sure. Please let me know how your boots work out compared to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lachyzee Does anyone know anything about the fit/last of the Red Wing 899( (or the JCrew version from last year)? I want to get some but I don't know what size to order. I tried on a 9013 Beckman/GT and an Iron Ranger and was a 9.5 in both (little narrow on the Beckman, but nothing that wouldn't stretch out. I'd say i'm about a 10.5B measured. Cheers. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by keredog I'm a perfect fit in 8D (no that's not a penis, it's 8 D) for the 875's. I heard you typically need to add insoles to your shoes. Should I stick with the 8 or size up a 1/2 in order to make room for the insoles? If they're a perfect fit, don't add insoles.
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