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had to think of a quick user name, haha.
I dont know how this forum stuff works http://i893.photobucket.com/albums/a...g?t=1299471186
I got this dark blue Yves St. Laurent suit for about 6 bucks today. It seems to be tailored exactly to me. Had to buy it, but I think the fit around the waist is a bit tight. I could stand to loose a few lbs, but what do you think? Its snug all the way around, especially while the bottom button is fastened. BTW, it has no vents, so I was wondering if I had some cut in would it loosen up a little? ...
I suppose my shoulder is about 19", my chest is 44. Ive tried a bunch of them, hickey freeman is the closest, and I have a john varvatos blazer in xl that fits pretty good, thats about it though.
Mr Pebblegrain, thats probably the best advice Ive ever been given.
I cant seem to find any size what so ever that fits my shoulders in a suit. I have a very wide back, and im sure my shoulders are proportionate, but I always have a huge dent in the side of the sleeve where my shoulders should be filling them out. Is this really a problem, or am I just oddly shaped?
I just got a new pair of brown leather vachetta John Varvatose ankle boots. I was wondering before I wear them if there is a way to prevent the toe creases from forming on the front of the shoe? If so, what is a good product to use? Thank you.
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