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For a guy who's 6'2 200lbs, these suits fit fantastic. I have a larger upper body, so the slim effect is great. The price makes me want to jump out of a moving car, so I just waited til I found a cheap one ($60) on eBay, can't beat it. Different from you smaller folks, but another perspective.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I have tried on a few theory jackets both in 36R and 38R. I am a true 36 but both jackets fit me great. The 1% spandex is very noticeable and surprisingly comfortable for such a low percentage. If they were more reasonably priced for what they are, I would pick them up without hesitation. I agree on the price being too high. I wouldn't pay full price that's for sure.
I love theory fit. Could care less about the brand. I am big in the shoulders and back and its hard to find good fits with out a tailor. I have two, and I got em on eBay after sizing it up. Some have 1% spandex which will allow my wide structure some room to move.
Anyone ever tried to dye their armpit hair, or even braid it? It seems about as masculine as shaving it. What is the deal here? Its more than enough to tell the whole world what your wearing, but why armpits?
You must have all sorts of problems. Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs I've been nairing mine since I was 17.
You must be thinking too much. Drink some whiskey and take a few vicodin. Option two, stay up a week and then see if you cant get good sleep.
In boot camp we used our tshirts and spit to get that mirror, it worked great. Quote: Originally Posted by Lear Things they didn't tell you, or that came as a surprise N.B. This list has been constantly added to. Probably best not to quote it: All shades of red/burgundy wax tend to bleed like hell and rub off on trousers. Saphir MdO cream polish (soft stuff) left to dry for too long is difficult to polish out. Especially if it's a lighter...
Filson? They are maybe expensive, but worth it. Cowboy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Shit. Do you guys think Omega is a poor man's watch? Regards. No freakin kidding
Well good thing I asked. Im not into trendy, and guess I was too focused on the buttons to see the length. I figured Id get the right advice here, and I did, so thanks style people. Anyone want to buy it? I bet you all go for the pricier stuff, but c'mon its blue! Its probably a 42 (short), with pants around 34x33ish. Knowing what I paid, Ill sell it cheap!
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