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just some of the sort of interesting stuff i've found kinda recentlywant to post more but the lighting outside has been kind of shit for the past couple of weekssuper awesome zegna shirt. i'd love to keep it but it's giant. labeled "m", fits like XL/XXLa few sweet pendy's, first one NAmatching orvis jackets, found these a few weeks apart at different stores.the white one is normal sized, the salmon (NA) one is knee lengthlook at how fluffy it is! it's like a portable...
haven't been at it in a while. found these while trying to find a jacket for a friend for a fabulous wedding. he didn't end up getting anything, but i sure did.
first time finding anything zegna that wasn't a shirt, and so much of it - 7x ties, 1 x tux, 1 x coatsome ties i thought might be okay. either got them because they felt nice or the pattern looked okay, assuming they were from the same person. two of the ones not pictured are BB [[SPOILER]]
i never find ties to pick up, so i thought i'd give it a shot.too many logos set it off for me, is that what's wrong with it?i'd like to say that what you do is incredibly impressive, spoo.i was sorting out the clothes i've accumulated and was laughing at how much i have. though you must go through that every 2-3 days, and you document it.
so i've been at it for a little under 5 weeks. i lost my job 7 weeks ago (my own, purposeful neglect). i haven't felt this good, not sure ever, really. i've went back to school after putting it off for a good while, and have been doing this as a side thing. it's been pretty entertaining. thrifting is a good reason for getting myself out and not letting depression get to me, it's been great.i think i've got a decent amount of things over time, i'll post more about them...
wonderful thread. i've gone through about ~300 pages, though it seems to be endless.how often do you guys buy shirts with stains/marks on them? if you do, how do you get them out? i've mostly left shirts behind that looked like they were stained, but i grabbed a marked shirt recently just to see if it would come out in a wash and to my surprise, it did.i left this behind, because of the damage. where do you guys draw the line on damage? would someone be interested in a...
so....sufu is still down right?....
sup du's
my eye hurts. - not from noodz of course
yeah, that's what i've been thinking. but i figured i might as well try.
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