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thrift fit women's salmon orvis jacket - $3 baddest zegna shirt ever - $4-7 paul smith jeans $6 continuously beat edmonds $12 couple favorite shots from the night; vince staples / james blake
7.50 each 1 shop
do you like the way it looks on you?that's the only question you need to ask yourself. no one else can decide that.
good shit. impressive loss!
hahahaha.... so i was at this local thrift shop earlier today killing a little time before heading into work. making my way through the men's long sleeves, casually flipping through them all, taking my time. across the room on a different rack i notice a guy doing the same thing except he's going a bit faster than i am. i thought it was pretty cool, since i usually don't encounter someone else doing this kind of thing, besides the few times i show up on the morning of a...
EZ shirts are my normal every day dress shirts when i need to wear them, and i like wearing them, but do any of you find that their buttons tend to fall off more than other makers? i've had EZ shirts that looks nearly brand new other than some marks that i've thrown into the washer/dryer and buttons have fallen off from a single cycle, when none of them looked loose to begin with. i can't recall any other brand in particular where this has happened to me does this...
i'd be more impressed if you gave the time you spent finding the stuff you do.your PPU is already ridiculous, but i imagine your thrift times are even more absurd. you find stuff that would take most of us weeks, months, even years to find.do you comb through the whole store or just look at what catches your eye?how fast can you comb a whole store if you feel like it?
GW #1 $70 / 8.75 huge pockets GW #2 lunch break bike ride thrift sesh. not bad for 10 minutes. haven't seen these untagged in a long time. cool variety. $40 / 6.66 D paid up on these kicks, i kind of just wanted to buy them. $47 / 11.75 ... but the shoes were $20 each so...
i don't know but it's fucking sick.
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