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a buyer wants to buy two items and combine shipping and i'm willing, is it possible to send them an invoice without them actually "buying" it yet? can't find the path. i asked them to buy them and then i'd send over an invoice but they want me to send the invoice first for whatever reason. has good 700+ feedback. came up with a few threads on ebay forums but i don't have access to them also, what's the preferred guide for measuring pants around here? they're a little...
you must really want it... i would never offer someone more money than what was already agreed upon. especially considering the person straight up made words for you.
sometimes i consider snagging a bunch of the spare buttons on some of these shirts, man
having trouble displaying pictures in the description, what gives? i don't really care for the ebay gallery
seen j press in the past and have left it behind, these three i picked up from the same donor felt ridiculous nice though; especially the one with plum lining... mmm. 2 x paul smith floral vintage ice cream lactose, thom browne, zegna, polo, bb, pink, boss hoodie for me anyone know what this is? really nice blazer
shop # 3 - $4.5 ppu shop #2 - $6.25 ppu first hat i've ever picked up. not sure if it's worth anything, i just digged the speckle. shop #1 - $11.5 ppu boots were the most expensive thing at $35 (half off)
thrift fit women's salmon orvis jacket - $3 baddest zegna shirt ever - $4-7 paul smith jeans $6 continuously beat edmonds $12 couple favorite shots from the night; vince staples / james blake
7.50 each 1 shop
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