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Does Acne shoes run small?I usually wear a UK8 in my casual shoes.Should i size up?
I bought these from their offiicial online store a couple of months ago for half price.
IMO,guys who wear wellies in the city are not that silly.i found this picture online the other day.
which one looks better,tan or brown?
http://dh.web.daili.my/browse.php?u=...TC5qcGc%3D&b=1 acne jeans striking derby shoes i do not know anything about acne jeans shoes,so here are the questions:r these shoes high quality?do they run samll or true to size? thanks for your help.
just got 2 pairs of H&M cordury pants from sale,and i love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Seems alright. My lindeberg leather isn't the thickest/warmest around but the lambskin is super super soft and the styling is minimilistic. 458pounds is a bit heavy considering that is like US$900 and there are more options at that level (especially 2nd hand where you can buy julius, RO, MMM, ToJ, tim hamilton, and pretty much everything else) thx a lot
J.Lindeberg Cleave Leather Jacket for £458.00 this may be my first leather jacket any opinions are welcome thx
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