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Quote: Originally Posted by dcxlarge Hello Just wondering where did you get ur purcell? I would liek to buy from you but unfortunately, I wear US 9.5. Thx I bought them two years ago at Sportie LA in... LA! Not sure where you could find a pair now.
have you guys toured with hour of the wolf? i know a few of those dudes. we're playing with them in a few weeks
Stuff is now on ebay. Get a sweet deal! http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZbassaliensQQhtZ-1 Levi's Red Slim Straight "Rigid Scraped" is the name of the wash, I believe they are raw. 31/30 - with tags 32/30 - no tags Both pairs measure 16" at the waist Never worn Nike Air Max 90 Jamaica Size 10 Worn ~5 times. I like these but they're way to big for me. Slightly scuffed up, I tried to capture that in the pics Box included Jack Purcell Size 8 Box reads...
they make slayer vans, and cammo vans. also black vans. black is pretty grimm. you could maybe look into some boots?
Alright, thanks for the info so far guys, i think i'm going to wait till this weekend to decide the fate of the nudies. My apc on the otherhand, are in desperate need of some tapering. How do they do that exactly? Do they just cut the fabric on the inside of the leg and resew it? I don't want the selvage to be injured!
So about a month ago, i was at a mall in scottsdale and this place, "hub", had some nude slim jim's. i'd tried on their regular ralph before and didn't really like it, but i knew that the slim jim was a slimmer fit. i tried some on, and ended up buying a pair of 31/32 dry japan for way more than i should have. i've come to the conclusion that i need thin finns instead, the slim jim gives me the same problem as my apc's - not skinny enough below the knee! now, do i a)...
yeah, all of those vans put me back $92, tax included.
My friend @ the vans outlet is quitting in a week, so i had to take advantage of the discount one last time.
ah, sorry that i posted this in the wrong forum, my newbieness is rearing it's ugly head. i'm gonna try to shrink this, will post a before/after later. i'm also going to try to shrink this fred perry sweatervest that's 65% cotton, 35% polyester. i'm not keeping my hopes up.
http://store.americanapparel.net/5454.html My friend that works at the store here got me one of those with the employee discount, but it's a size too big and i removed the tag. Whats the best way to shrink it down a size? just wash really hot and dry really hot? I'm kind of scared that i will shrink it too much.
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