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i dont give a fuck, and dour. both are pretty new, dour hasn't played out yet.
I'd like to know this as well. I'm searching for a pair of dark brown slim fit corduroy... they don't have those at DENIM bar do they?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque They won't shrink, and indigo isn't water soluable. However, if you've seen the photo of the AWs standing up post soak, that should give you an idea of what a soak will do to the starch in it afterwards. Just wear them, and if they're still giving you troubles, soak it and agitate it a little to get the starch out. It won't be the end of the world, or your honeycombs if your jeans get wet. great,...
oh, and i ordered some hobokens right after i decided that the socks thing works. i had a credit from some apc's i returned to denim bar. JOY!
okay. i made knee condoms out of some old socks and some scissors. this seems to have done the trick, although i've just walked around my house a little and don't know if it will work alright during a REAL day. about the showering with them on... i was under the impression that when you soak/shower/get them wet, they get really stiff. i think this is due to looking at samurai's or something standing up after a soak. is this not the case? should i literally just...
Hi. I just got my Ande Whall Rakers in the mail on Wednsday, and wore them all day Thursday. For starters, they are AWESOME. The fit is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, and well, they're just sexy. I want to wear them nonstop, but after one day of wear, the backs of my knees are hurting pretty badly. I guess the crease in the back of the jeans pinches the back of my leg when I walk. There is one big horizontal line of redness on the back of each fold in my leg.....
ebay bump.
i've used this for a few years. does the trick!
Nudies: sold! Prices dropped more.
Quote: Originally Posted by allcapitan Which color did you get the 511 raw's: black, rail, riff or worn? How is the fit compared to the 514? Is the fit identical or are there any noticeable differences? Allcap i don't think any of those are raw.
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