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much love for graves at sea! also, thank you for not crucifying me over the fanny pack. (knock on wood)
ande whall rakers jr hoboken samurai 710xx 19oz dior 19cm black skulls 5010xx 6x6 dior 19cm indigo in that order. going to sell the rakers and hoboken as soon as i get my camera fixed.
aa ben sherman samurai vans random fanny pack 15 hour drive to austin + 600ml southern comfort
oh, i'm for sure enjoying the jeans. it was just shocking to me that i've spent that much money that quickly on clothes i've never even seen in person before.
is that the grey/black or white/black flathead shirt?
no comment
so up until recently, the most expensive pair of jeans i've had is APC's i bought last summer for $140. Prior to that, maybe like a pair of gap for 50 bucks. i've spent $1240 on jeans so far this year. i'm going to sell my julian red hobokens and my AW rakers, but i'll still have about $1000 worth of jeans. i need to stop reading this forum and superfuture. i cant afford it!
is the 5010 you guys have 6x6?
APC new cure, julian red hoboken, and dior 19cm are my picks.
are those measurements the same for the black raws? if the sz30 is 16" in the waist, sign me up for a pair.
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