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Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm gilead - how do the AA cardigans fit...? do you take the same size in their cardigans as you do in their tshirts? i usually wear medium in AA, but got a small cardigan after much deliberation. i've been careful not to dry it.
thrift dk shirt (i've been telling people that i've had it FOREVER.. haha) dior 19cm raw black vans ibanez tr expressionist (p.o.s., not mine) peavey classic 400 ampeg 6x10
word, i'll try that out. you say they're 100% cotton.. does that mean they'll shrink a good amount?
i do mean shirts to wear by themselves. i'm really just experimenting with all white shirts i can find. i'd like to find something that fits pretty well and is affordable.
i really like the AA 50/50's that i have. mostly because they don't shrink. they're pretty inconsistant and expensive though. anyne want to reccomend a solid white tshirt that i can buy in bulk and wear everyday? i bought a pack of hanes undershirts in medium, but they shrunk a ton. i also bought some polo undershirts, and they're just pretty horrible overall.
hoboken - size 31, whatever inseam they come in (it's pretty long) raker - 31.5, but stretched a few inches. 34 inseam. if anyone's interested i can take real measurements. i was gonna see if my camera still works at all and try to take pictures to post in buy/sell. the lcd is broken.
also - and sorry for making two posts, it might be helpful to focus on going on a walk or riding an exercise bike when you are feeling stressed out, or craving food. make walking your vice! (much easier said than done, i know). just try your hardest to be persistant. once you start to see some results and start feeling healthier, it will be really motivating.
i am at a healthy weight, but i can easily slip into eating really crappy food if i let myself. i've found that when i work out at least once a week, i am inclined to eat healthier.
honestly, about once every two weeks. i shower every day, but shampooing my hair just fucking kills it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Yo, seriously. Y'all are nuts. Evac, you know that's like ten years of jeans, right? These things don't break in overnight. Man, some people...damn... well, i'm selling two of the pairs, so i will just have the two dior, skulls, and samurai. i got the samurai first, and i like the fit but really i just like all of the little details, the black acruate, and how rugged the denim is. i then ordered the...
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