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I'm broke, and have no tax rebate coming on Monday. Feel free to spend yours on my shit. Some of the shirts are wrinkled, please forgive me. I don't have measurements right now, but feel free to PM me for any. Prices include shipping to US. Prices are negotiable. Samurai 710XX. Tagged 31, tabs intact. Hemmed to a chainstitched 35 inch inseam. Soaked twice, not much fading. $200 APC New Standard, Size 28. I made them into summer shorts. $40 APC Boat Shoes, Size 41....
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill Oh fuck all this shit. saw these guys a week or two ago. fuck.
Looking for a pair of APC New Standard size 28, in new or close to new condition. send a pm!
dpz lgc skulls vans
naked raygun band tee aa lgc skulls vans
there's new iron heart stuff and flathead stuff on the blog! trying to convince myself not to order more than one shirt tomorrow...
i really like the flathead acruates
this really grossed me out.
i have a polo by a company called "honors" that fits me perfectly. it's 60% polyester 40% cotton, has a pocket, and is just one length at the bottom. i wish i could find more!
i hate the knee bulge. A LOT.
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