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Hi guys. Been a while since I've posted on here. All prices include shipping in the US. I sorta used ebay to gauge prices since I don't pay attention anymore. Let me know if any of my prices are way off. Also - insane to see worn in APCs fetching $$$$!! What the fuck? SKULL 5010XX (black) 31 - $200 waist - 33.5 leg opening - 7.25 inseam - 37 Bought these in 2009 probably? Worn maybe 10-15 times. Too small for me. APC New Cure 31 - $100 waist - 31 leg opening -...
I thought that might be it but wasn't sure. Thanks.
First off - thanks to Crane's for all of the great info. I didn't order my boots from you because I needed them really quickly, but I will most likely be ordering a pair from you in the future. Question from a leather/boot novice: Is the white creasing in the toe normal? I applied two coats of snoseal and then wore them for about a month on a trip. They weren't exposed to much rain or anything. I'm going to apply some Obenauf's this weekend, but wanted to see if this...
uniqlo: 20" pit to pit, the sleeve inseam measures 21" h&m: 18" pit to pit, sleave inseam measures 20.5"
Tried to edit the old thread but for some reason the edit button wasn't there. I need money for a trip to SF so I'm lowering my prices a fair amount. Few things added. All prices include shipping to any state in the US. Prices are negotiable. Skull 5010xx black size 31. Worn about 10 times. - $160 waist - 33 front rise - 10 back rise - 14 upper thigh - 10.5 knee - 8 leg opening - 7.25 inseam - 37 Vans Syndicate halfcabs sz 9 - $40 Vans w-taps sz 8.5 - SOLD Beat up...
Bunch of stuff sold but several things still left!
Caveat - doubt they will stretch much more.
I've had a lot of people asking about the AA shirts... some people that have been interested in other items have expressed interest in the shirts too and they're going to get dibs on the shirts. If they don't go that way I will respond to the people that messaged me about them chronologically! Wathup is currently at the head of that queue. Thanks!
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