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Wow, I haven't seen so many smug, overindulgent, so-so dressed motherfuckers in a long time. No wonder the rest of the world loathes us . (Too bad I'm one of you .)
Thanks. If it's just a matter of preference, then there is nothing in particular to explain indeed. I was just curious if there are any meaningful utilitarian consequences of the different designs. (as for braided belts - sure, that's different, they have their place but this is not what I meant in the OP, thanks).
I wonder - what's the point of stitched dress belts, if you can get just as thick ones made out of one piece? What's the added utility of stitching 3 pieces of leather together, rather than just have 1 robust piece? I also don't seem to see any aesthetic advantage - the one piece belt by definition looks simpler and cleaner than the stitched one...
The ties are worn, so no luck. And even it they were unworn, returning stuff is a hassle that no one should go through due to manufacturing defects. The shop started strong, and I would hate to see the quality control to continue to slip. Btw, today I received another tie with another problem - the dotted navy knit tie, only to see that the dots plane overall is off-center by a quarter of an inch!
The quality control of the ties has been very inconsistent lately: over the last several months I received 2 ties that were 2.75" instead of 3" as advertised, and separate one that was 60" (sic!) long instead of 57".
Thanks, looks good. I also got a detailed PM from edmorel with lots of useful info (incl. that some unlined options may be available). Btw. their standard ties are great, no complaints there, and I certainly wouldn't advocate ditching them; unlined is just a nice niche that has its uses
(I could not find a "Panta affiliate thread", so I'm asking here). The initial batches of the Panta wool ties were unlined, and I though that they were awesome (I've been waiting for a good source of unlines 6 folds for a long time). However, all ties from the current selection are described as lined. Was there a major shift in aesthetic and I didn't get the memo, ? In any case, I would grealy appreciate info on alternative source of unlined ties. Thanks a lot.
This is a mildly annoying problem, and I wonder if others have noticed it: I have a few knit ties (decent ones, mostly Kent Wang), and all of them are folded and sewn in the back, resulting in a pretty chunky seam along the entire length of the tie. That's not a problem in itself, but once I tie it (typically four in hand, and never too tight), this seam protrudes through the knot, creating basically a ridge that runs through the middle of the knot. Not huge deal, but...
Is basic navy blazer included in the incoming batch of SCs and blazers? Thanks,
Are there any news on Benjamin Sartorial sportcoats and blazers? Also, a restock of the Granoro Navy would be nice.
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