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Kenneth Arrow and other Nobel prize wining economists disagree with you, dimwit.
The fundamental problem is that healthcare is a good that simply cannt have well functioning markets for: it is a good that you can neither predict how much you will need of, nor you can shop around when you actually heppen to need it. Some form of insurance is the only rational way to allocate it. From then on, to provide this insurance privately is insane, since private for profit insurance has a build in incentive to charge as much as possible and cover as little as...
Truer words have never been spoken.
You're right unfortunately, but it will be hard to keep up for long with resource depletion 'n stuff. Once the cheap gas, pizza, and beer stop comming in - watch out...
Bullshit. The guy is absolutely right - there is no good reason to force anyone to incur a completely suprfluous expense as black tie attire (the post doesn't make it clear if it is a "black tie required event"). I would imagine that dude has a regular suit which would be appropriate for virtually any occasion. If a suit isn't enough for the boss, then they should cover his cost.
Yeah. You know it's time for fucking revolution when a bunch of douchebags would rather spend public money on taking poor's kids away from them (perhaps in privetely run orphanages, just like the prisons are, eh?), rather than ensure that wages actually allow dignified existence and child rearing. Don't worry, it just might happen. The underclass is far larger and far angrier than you are apparently aware of. Just because the political process ignores them and so they...
As a public service, I'm chiming in to remind you that the only difference between you and poor people is random chance. Go ahead, take credit .
Actually, this is neither that idiotic, nor surprising. With the 24/7 newscycle, constant ads and back and forth between campaigns, it is perfectly understandable to feel that you've seen/heard this bullshit ten million times. Of course, there is also the tendency to create/self-implant memories - easy for any major life event, but particularly easy as far as the ongoing ambient political bullshiting is concerned. If you think you're immune, you're fooling yourself.
And obviously the R&D is dominated by military. Check out the distribution of federal R&D spending: (And most of the military R&D is applied research/ system testing, not basic science) Clearly "general science" is not a high priority... Fuck the military contractor / pharma welfare queens.
Simply saying that 2 major projects (one more on the engineering side), does not signify organized, strategic, national S&T policy. Instead, we have a web of mission agencies that support ad-hoc stuff as it may relate to their missions (and with granst from which is how universities get a lot of their research money.)Only in the last 20 years there've been attempts to organize and pursue larger scale problems but it is slow and limited to simply creating average sized...
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