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In due time, I'm already plotting it, no worries.As for the money? What ELSE is the US good for? So, it's a faustian bargain for sure. To be sure, the 'american dream' PR is a big part of it - i certainly had far more romantic notions upon arrival, but was gradually disabused by all of them.
Well, you may hate me, but others love me enough to educate me for free, and then pay me handsomely. Free markets, baby.Trying to help is the least I can do in appreciation
Because your corporate proxies fucked it up - right now over there is just as bad as over here.Also, the competition here is less intense and easier to beat - it is far easier for someone of average ability to excel here, than back in Europe - crowded. So there's that too.And really, are you in 2nd grade? This type of attitude is exactly why the USA will never solve any of its problems. People's heads are too far up their asses to notice, much less fix, the multiple...
It may be news to you, but most of the present day US population lives in misery. The most miserable persons i've seen as a kid were people bored with their mind numbing jobs and having no other outlet than drinking. I had to move to the USA to see 1) homeless people in the streets, 2) houses built out of plywood rather than brick and concrete, among multiple other signs of backwardness.Healthcare was super efficient in providing actually needed services (no profit...
Nobody can deny that the consumer goods sector was the weakest in the socialist economies - and might well been avoided was it not for the pressure to keep up with military spending. Nevertheless, the most important problems were fixed quickly and efficiently in the right order of priority: agriculture --> heavy industry --> housing and transportation --> education & healthcare --> [consumer goods - not sufficiently rectified by the 1980s] Yet in just about 50 years,...
"Hello, comrade. Greetings from Dubna. Life is good - there is no unemployment, the population is well educated, and amazing advancements are being made in the fast reactor technology. On the weekends, I usually take the train to Moskow to enjoy art and theatrical performances, as well as simply to walk around this remarkable city. I had a setback though - a few weeks ago I caught pneumonia, and a bit later also sprained my ankle while stumbling around the house. Luckily,...
No, but they absolutely should be counted insofar they represent a portion of the real price of low taxes. Such private overspending would not be necessary if those servuces were adequately supported through tax revenue.
Yes? So the most poorly doing scandinavian country is still doing better than us?
Denmark: Unemployment rate 4.7% Per capita exports $18,507 USA: Unemployment rate 8% Per capita exports $3,120 (LOL)
Well, if y'all ever end up whacked, one look at this thread will suffice to prove that it's been the result of self defence.
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