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Wrong --> anarchy doesn't mean chaos - some coordinated action will always be required. The key point is that the legitimacy of the authority will always be provisional, rather than established - authority will be given on ad hoc basis for as long as it is necessary to accomplish something, and strictly based on competence (not on a position in hierarchy). That's the only way to have rational, rather than opressive, authority structures...
There is no inherent historical necessity in there always being a ruling class / elite. Shit, we've only had elites since the invention of agriculture about 5,000 years ago, and it has ONLY been about ~250 years since the first real attempts to destroy the fairy tale claims of these elites about any sort of biologicla or cultural superiority. Yes?Then, it has been only about 150 years since the socialist first tried to extend democracy into the economic realm....
That's a great analogy, actually. "You have interesting ideas, Mr. Marx, but since exploring them and their implications would require pretty much disregarding our entire web of rationalizations and apologetics and enforcing institutions, we would have to shelve them until we get more data. A lot more."
They didn't really point to any limitations of Marx's insights per se. Simply elaborated why positive change is likely hopeless.
Leaving the absolutely absurd specific book aside, the issue of what is/should be the public interest in children has interesting and important implications for population growth. Specifically, the existence of shared social commitment to the well-being of children ensures that rapid population growth will continue, no matter what, because people would continue to breed even under the most hopeless circumstances, knowing that the community in general will try to ensure the...
Well, thank you sir. I'd be interested to see a good refutation of any key aspect of Marxism, but no luck so far. Pragmatically speaking, his most important predictions about the development of capitalism have all come true.
He cites himself as the source on his tumblr. Big difference from slipping it as a tongue in cheek reference. The oligarchic hubris has definitely gone to his head. I betcha he actually sees himself as the last bastion of nobility
LOL - "all day" (it takes less than a day to cross most EE countries border to border).Anyhow - most people had access to small productive property - either directly, or through relatives --> meaning direct access to ability to grow their own food - and perhaps even sell some on the side. For all of y'all's harping about "independence and self-reliance", the eastern european babushka is far more self-reliant than the run of the mill US shmuck at the mercy of their...
He has stolen that quote* (just like his money).*"The Leopard", a 1963 movie
All forms of religion were frowned upon, cuz, you know, "religion is opium for the masses" You wouldn't get gulag-ed for practicing privately though - I was baptized in a church, and my family went to church on the holidays with no KGB up our azz
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