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I generally like the M&W traveler, I've seen it in person. Its biggest drawback in my book is the quick release buckles - i really, really, really effin hate those. If you have proper belt buckles for the straps, why cheapen it by turning it into mere decoration? I don't care if it is faster or more convenient to open the bag this way. If I wanted a bag with quick release buckles, I'd by one specifically with those.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel You need to take a Valium. This should be very, very, very low on the list of things to get pissed off at. Just take the pants somewhere else. Very few, if any men's stores, alter items from other establishments. You wouldn't take a JPress suit to Brooks Brothers for alterations. Yes, I'm probably overreacting, but still - the bolded part is kind of the point I am getting at - what is my incentive to go to...
Hi there, here's a social, rather than sartorial dilemma. I just had a men's store experience that annoyed me quite a bit, but maybe I'm in the wrong. So, I have one favorite men's store where I live - pretty old school - Penner's in San Antonio. I really like it, the selection is not great, but I find something to buy from there every once in a while. (for example, pants, shitrs). They do the hemming for free. So, today I stopped by intending to leafe pants for...
I just bought a suit with the Brioni roma label from ebay - my first and only Brioni. Seems legit Brioni - the label, the signature lining, and of course the quality is amazing, full canvas, fantastic wool etc. (But as much as a like it, I don't think that it is worth the retail price (~3k$?). Basically the marginal cost is waaaaaay bigger than the marginal improvement in quality. I have a few suits in the ~1000 range, and I'm just as happy with them as with the Brioni.)
While I really like the look of pocket squres and french cuffs, part of me appreciates the appeal of the simplest male clothing - shirt, tie, suit, and nothing else. Accessories make it much easier to look good. it is harder to pull together a perfect look without such aides.
I too live in Texas, and often wear cowboy boots with suits with no problem. But, and it is a huge BUT: most cowboy boots are inappropriate. The only boot style that is appropriate and does not look ridiculous in my mind is the "Roper" style (low heel and plain toe, see link). The best are Justin and Luccese: http://www.sheplers.com/mens/lucches...on/034331.html The above, in black, goes perfect with a slim black suit. It is really not much different than any other...
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