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On the Gabardine sport coats - like this one here - http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-16075/Gabardine-Sport-Coat-cln--39R-fdsh-40R/Detail How much can you realistically shorten the sleves from the bottom? I.e. given that the buttons are functional, how much sleeve can you chop off without is ending up looking goofy? Thanks.
The mere mention of racism upsets people for similar reasons global warming does: both of them are a stark reminder that they've been doing, collectively and individually, something that is profoundly wrong and unsustainable, and rectifying which requires uncomfortable levels of change.
You only get what you are able to elicit.
You don't need to cede it, but you can certainly adopt an approach and a persona that do not involve being a whiny bitch complaining how everybody is out there to get them and how the world is so much worse now than it used to be. What you're doing now is not rational argument, just exhibit A illistratuing the out of touch-ness typical upper middle class white dude, enraged that there are groups and interests in society that dare question his, and his class' privileges...
I see no need to humor manton - from anecdotal personal experiences. as well as from observation of their conduct in the public discourse and the policies they promote I think it is fairly safe to conclude that most republicans are indeed openly racist. (So are most democrats, except in a more subtle, self-congratulatory, self-delusional and more dishonest way.)
It's not absurd. It's misrepresented and misunderstood. Most people are certainly not racist, and that's beside the pont. It is entirely possible to be genuinely non-racist, and feel sincere disgust over anything rasist, yet at the same time be deeply embedded, and benefit from, from robust systems of power and privilege established by - are you ready for this? - violent, plundering, exploitative white people back in the day. Yeah, sure we're not longer personally racist....
Truth.That's the brilliance of the oligarchy - all so called "democrats" (esp. Clinton, Obama) have long abandoned the working class and the average citizen. Why? Because they can. Who are these suckers going to vote for anyway? The republicans? muahaha. They have no choice.On the flipside, the republican disdain is utterly incomprehensible - homie has delivered all that is dear to their heart. Not just the expansion of the police state and the corporate bailouts. Also, as...
Yep, all that I wrote presumed a rational government serving and accountable to the people. "your government", on the other hand, will happily devise policies that inflict unnecessary pain - anf it push comes to shove - send out the military against its own citizens, and do whatever it takes to protext the interests of those who 'own' it.
I've been meaning to get to this point for a while, glad someone beat me to it.White man's burden, eh? LOL.
Congratulations on wasting youre 12,000th post on being a dumass. Like the other 11,999, most likely.
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