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Some of those sleeves look fucking awful.
Can't really see much but a few shots after a wedding reception this weekend. Second is kind of cheesy. [[SPOILER]]
I tried it on, it seemed really soft and unstructured like a fleece. I didn't like it. Is there only one version floating around?
Sinned--they are Giorgio Bratto, actually! Note the lack of round toe haha.
Honestly I'm not the biggest fan of the MDR. I think it looks kinda neutered. Go with the 2010 with the buckles and scalloped hem. The design itself is iconic enough for it's "flashiness" isn't really an issue. You're still wearing a pretty familiar, recognized design. I would say differently if it were a stone gray julius with 28" sleeves and a holster.
As someone who has got a toj in that leather, it's honestly worth dieting for if you find it too slim. I mean, unless it's sized for someone half your size or something.
My small contribution:and more here (warning boot tuck!)I have not seriously styled it tucked, but covering 80% of that nubuck just seems like such a waste so I may work it in. [[SPOILER]]
I have had these hemmed and tapered to show off tall footwear better. I'm just not at the point where I can rock a slightly slouchy fit. The fabric used here is my favorite part. I included some close-ups so you can see the contrast between pieces. It seems slightly waxy but subdued; distressed but nowhere near drkshdw/ro. 15.5 - 16 waist 11.5 - 10 thigh 11 rise 6.5 hem; just under, 6.5 but leg is a little wider. 27 inseam; longer relaxed rise means leg fits longer.
This is in pristine, essentially unworn condition. I don't believe I ever wore it out. Sightly nautical, will pair well with APC for your 70s french sailor kick. Cotton/Cash blend. Hung only for pics, of course. Price Drop--this is new without tags!
Bought from here and I didn't wear very frequently. Button was loose so it's been reinforced, and these were originally 32" inseam but they're right at 30" now.
New Posts  All Forums: