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Yeah, I let the email fly. What's been making me uneasy is the fact I had these hemmed. When I was buying online, there was a pair which was a 28, but "hemmed to a 33", so I'm hoping there's some room to move around. I know that's often the case with higher-end personalized boutique shops, eh? But still, I'm not counting on much, so you might find me on the B&S sometime soon, eh?
Eh.. I got my 003's today in 28. I'm bummed, I definitely feel like this is not the fit I was looking for. I think, because of how the 28's fit, I definitely could have done and should have done 27, and very likely might have been able to do a 27. I'm a natural 31, which is measured on a 29.
Hm, that bag looks very nice. Some more pictures maybe? "Fit" pics?
My Clarks db ~90 Ben Sherman carbon trench ~90 (from 250) RL Rugby shawl pullover ~90 Alife Public Outrage's in white ~50 (from 110?) I know hypebeasty sneakers are a big no no but I love the tumbled leather Alife's take on the classic canvas sneaker, it's understated just right.
+1 on the taupe suede. They're a great boot for letting indigo bleed onto.
How regularly did you wear them?
I can't speak for your case, but the jeans which had the "defect" I mentioned were found on a stack of identical jeans, it's not special. I think it is likely a similar thing such as yours isn't a big deal either, of course other people's beliefs are a lot more relevant here.
I've seen a pair of 514's with a similar flaw. The small red tag didn't say Levi, it just had the "R" in a circle which follows the brand name. Weird, but not something I think should be worried over.
By benefit of doubt the keyword could be "seemingly". I think variety is good and helps create an organic and natural vibe while still appearing coherent, so it does not appear as if you set out to satisfy only all the necessary requirements of a particular "look". I think this type of approach is pretty common in grade school girls who are growing up; they kind of create a few different "themed" ensembles usually of pieces which aren't interchangeable with one another....
New Posts  All Forums: