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What's the other side of the reversible look like?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira lol@Sept.09 lecturing about what everyone does. If you want a pair of cheap, crappy jeans, buy them. If you want a pair of quality denim, shell out This is no place for such rational thinking.
+1. Might pardon flip flops and AE tanktops then. Might.
I know I'm not alone when I regularly see girls underdressed compared to myself, eh?
Worse than the jeans are hypebeast posters.. eugh. These almost look like an off-shoot of a larger company who don't want to tarnish their image by releasing a substandard collection.
Yup, BiG. I agree with you guys, I don't expect a straight exchange because that clearly goes against their policy. But, I also doubt I'll be told a straight "No, sorry." as well. That doesn't seem characteristic of shops like BiG, but of course I've never been to BiG, I'm assuming by their loyal base they must be doing something right and helping their customers out. That's also not wishful thinking. Maybe more of rationalizing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing,...
Yeah, I let the email fly. What's been making me uneasy is the fact I had these hemmed. When I was buying online, there was a pair which was a 28, but "hemmed to a 33", so I'm hoping there's some room to move around. I know that's often the case with higher-end personalized boutique shops, eh? But still, I'm not counting on much, so you might find me on the B&S sometime soon, eh?
Eh.. I got my 003's today in 28. I'm bummed, I definitely feel like this is not the fit I was looking for. I think, because of how the 28's fit, I definitely could have done and should have done 27, and very likely might have been able to do a 27. I'm a natural 31, which is measured on a 29.
Hm, that bag looks very nice. Some more pictures maybe? "Fit" pics?
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