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+1 on the taupe suede. They're a great boot for letting indigo bleed onto.
How regularly did you wear them?
I can't speak for your case, but the jeans which had the "defect" I mentioned were found on a stack of identical jeans, it's not special. I think it is likely a similar thing such as yours isn't a big deal either, of course other people's beliefs are a lot more relevant here.
I've seen a pair of 514's with a similar flaw. The small red tag didn't say Levi, it just had the "R" in a circle which follows the brand name. Weird, but not something I think should be worried over.
By benefit of doubt the keyword could be "seemingly". I think variety is good and helps create an organic and natural vibe while still appearing coherent, so it does not appear as if you set out to satisfy only all the necessary requirements of a particular "look". I think this type of approach is pretty common in grade school girls who are growing up; they kind of create a few different "themed" ensembles usually of pieces which aren't interchangeable with one another....
I usually only have the cash which isn't worth making an ATM deposit for on hand. If things play out so that I've got a large amount of cash on hand I get really uneasy until I've slimmed it down to a twenty or two. When I was living in a pretty high-crime area a couple years ago I would carry two wallets when going out at night, my regular one stowed away and another with 25 dollars or so and a school ID and an empty gift card just in case giving it up would make my...
Damn nonissue, those look fantastic. I like the mild creases in the last picture. Anyone have any experience with the 316 tote?
I don't know, I've been cuffing all my jeans for the last 4/5 years, about an inch but never from necessity. The rise is really nice. 9 inches. I'm a 31, and these measured 14 inches across but they're not cutting into my waist. The material is rigid but pretty giving in terms of fit. The thigh measured around a 10 1/2. Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I usually buy 30" inseams but I disagree, that's way too short for stacking for me. If I pull them up and cross...
That water spray really doesn't do anything, fyi. It might repel stains from liquids but the dirt you're concerned about isn't exactly red wine spillage or anything like that. Adapting to the dirt is a good idea, keep the midsole clean or rock them dirty as is. Remove the soles if you throw them in the wash.
I just got a pair of raw skinnies with a 7" hem, cuffed a couple inches but still stacking (I'm 5'6", 34" inseam). Can I get some advice on some fit pics?
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