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I sized down 1/2 as well. Next time around I'm sizing down a full. That heel slippage will hurt if you don't find a sole or something else to cup the backside of your heel..
Hm, really.. It looks pretty similar to the stan smith which adidas has been selling since the 70's, minus the brand stripes and logo at the heel. Besides, Cp intended to create iconic and traditional sneakers with premium materials and craftsmanship- it kind of follows that they'd use an existing iconic sneaker.
They're not copying something exclusive to Cp, that silhouette is pretty generic now.
One time code.. kind of like the student discount at RugbyRL? What price do you want for the code OP?
Do people regularly buy/sell coupons?
Thank you!
The clothing which has the obnoxious lettering is a lost cause but it is silly to turn away something which fits all your criteria because you don't want to alter the piece, especially when you can do so without paying money. Ideally, clothing should be purchased without any compromise or alteration but that's often not very practical or affordable. Take a look at how often people buy expensive oxfords and make trips to the tailor to augment the fit just a tad. Do you not...
The stitched-on stuff can easily be removed..
Ha, definitely.. It'll be nice. By the way, none of you guys might have a good recommendation for a cinch-back, coated black, slim straight jean or pant, eh? "/ First thing I thought was the MJ/Wrangler, but those are really expensive and I don't even know if they can be found anymore. I missed a pair on ebay a month or so ago. I tried on a pair of OBEY warsaw coated black at a shop near here. They're going for 130, the fit is pretty good (inseam's a little long- to be...
Hey guys, so I got in touch with Gordon from BiG, I'm going to return the hemmed unworn jeans and they'll be available for sale at the store and online until they sell, after which I'll be able to exchange. By chance, I'm going to nyc in late December so I'll get a chance to look around BiG (and everywhere else!) so that should be nice. Anyway, I feel like this can help out anyone else who has run into the same circumstances. EDIT: Also should be noted that after they...
New Posts  All Forums: