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LolSaturday night, tucked v untucked. Went to do sushi and karaoke, couldn't get a room so went to a dive across town. The band playing was pretty good. Need to get the sides of my head shaved soon [3]. [[SPOILER]]
For every good piece of MMM footwear there seems to be like five ugly trompe l'oiel pieces which cost twice as much.
I'm trying, but I really can't find anything that's really jumping at me this time around.. the corner is a wash, forward and LVR didn't have a lot of cool purchases.. I think I could probably pick up a slouchy knit but I'd be doing it just to participate in purchasing.Guess I'll wait till end of season.
Thanksgiving, or something. [[SPOILER]]
I have those, they're cool. This is what they look like in the flesh:
Beautiful boots in great condition but after receiving them I think I'm going to keep looking for a calf version. These do run large. I usually wear a 40/41 in boots and I think this will accommodate up to a small 42. Material is waxed reversed leather; the upper portion of the shaft is folded over itself so you can't see the smooth leather until you look a few inches down. Not suede but a little nappy. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks!
Had these since 2009. Hated the "redwing look" so I blackened the sole, cleaned up the leather and applied shine to the toes. And swapped laces and lacing style. Now I feel much better about the fact they will probably outlast me; I was originally very irritated at the idea of something I didn't like being so indestructible. [[SPOILER]]
Same here, but we don't get a whole lot of actual downpour. Not the safest idea, but motorcycles have totally redeemed my opinion on my redwing GTs. Blacked out the wood sole, lotioned up the leather and applied a dab of shine to the toes. More comfortable than my race boots, pretty great traction when plodding around.
I mean it is late November, in the 50/60s here, actual rain and such.
Headed to farmer's market to gather supplies for a bacon blue-cheese burger/sandwich. Made homemade pesto with purple basil too. Decided to take a break from all black errthang, feels kind of liberating. [[SPOILER]]
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