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Those look great. And believe it or not, I took my somet out of the packaging (they were to be returned) and tried them on before I sealed the box and realized I had no idea what I had an issue with originally. They fit so great, I've never had a pair of jeans fit so nicely before! After deciding they were a keeper, I did a hot soak and have been wearing them ever since. Man, they were rigid as nails at first but they're comfortable now. They fit super slim in the thigh...
Quote: Originally Posted by mjo317 I just got my order of black cherry GTs, and I'm loving them. I sized one down from my Sperrys and it was a perfect fit. On another note, why is everyone's feet so damn big? I'm almost ashamed to say that my GTs are a size 7 So are mine. These look great, I've got room in the front but these are very narrow so the sizing is as low as it goes.. Just looking at the insole is a little alarming, it's as narrow as...
Quote: Originally Posted by daft Got my Gentlemen Traveler's. Oh man are these uncomfortable. I think I sized them right but jesus breaking them in will be hell. I feel you here.
Nah, I'm still set on the 003 but I need a size smaller. The 008 are too slim. I didn't calculate the hip measurement aspect on these, which didn't turn out well for me. Where'd you get yours from?
Theoretically the waist will stretch because you're regularly applying pressure to the length. You aren't to the leg, so it wouldn't stretch by the same mechanism.. besides, have you ever put on a pair of jeans and just lit up and grinned, because they were the exact fit you were looking for? If you have, that's neat, but I've never had that.. all the jeans I can remember buying were a game of compromise when I got them, but I eventually grew to love them to death. I'm not...
Are these from a while ago? I remember the AE trenches being double breasted and belted.
I went ahead and got the tote with the Tanner discount- anyone else own it? I'm really excited, it seems absolutely made for my needs.
I wouldn't say they're 'bad guys' because they're not taking the same product and selling it to the same market which I usually characterize knock-offs as doing.. but to say Cp designed the stan smith? That's a little ridiculous.
I sized down 1/2 as well. Next time around I'm sizing down a full. That heel slippage will hurt if you don't find a sole or something else to cup the backside of your heel..
Hm, really.. It looks pretty similar to the stan smith which adidas has been selling since the 70's, minus the brand stripes and logo at the heel. Besides, Cp intended to create iconic and traditional sneakers with premium materials and craftsmanship- it kind of follows that they'd use an existing iconic sneaker.
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