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Quote: Originally Posted by so1id Can someone recommend me a nice pair of raw jeans to wear for everyday use? I have a pair of Levi's 514 jeans that I wear pretty much everyday but I would like something that's a bit higher in quality. My budget is under $200. I'm also about 5'6" and 137 lbs. I lift weights 3 days of the week and my thighs measure about 20" and my waist is 30". The problems I usually encounter are that the slim jeans are too long or its...
Soak- the color of the water after your soak should be enough to convince you the right choice was made.
He's asking if the protection is for cosmetics or if the protection is for the integrity of the construction, smartass.
Purchased the 3sixteen/tanner collab tote in black recently and took it out with me today but I'm just not feeling it. I absolutely love the weight and feel and quality, but I have really narrow shoulders and it does not feel secure on my shoulders and is a bit too deep to use as a handbag (I'm 5'6"). I'll add pictures later, retails around 190, I'm asking for 150 shipped.
Personally I like the double cuff better. I dislike the bunching up in the lower leg with the smaller upturned cuff. It also fits with the simple, bold and clunky pattern.
Definitely not anything particular in mind, just show me what you have. I know it's easy to spend easily with accessories so maybe someone has come across a card case they don't have need for. Prefer leather without printed branding or pebble-grain, but that's about it.
Any links to literature about Somet? Or anyone with knowledge.. The website isn't helpful and retailers have pretty redundant stats and jazz.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May They don't. Shipping is about 15 to Canada and 25 to the states. It's amazing how many people say "I'll take it, what's your paypal address" and then disappear off the face of the earth. If that's you, I am not holding your item for you, so get payment in or I'll sell it to someone else. ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by brandall10 Interesting, I swore I thought I read about darts in the 003 once before, but I guess that would make sense to have them in the slim fits. In a 28 003, that's an 8.5" rise, which is pretty aggressive... I would prefer a slightly more relaxed fit over my 27" NS. In other words, rockstar around my midsection, but not calf-hugging tight down low. I want these to be a somewhat versatile jean if I'm going to wear...
True. I tried them on late at night in the dark of my dorm room before reaching the conclusion that they weren't for me, lol.. probably jumped to conclusions too soon. It's likely I was so worried my investment wouldn't be realized, so I freaked out too. But I'm glad these fit as well as they do. As a short guy these have a bit of lengthening effect on my legs, which is nice, as it makes me look a little bit taller- at least proportioned correctly. That seems to be the...
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