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I anticipated some resizing and I'm not SF skinny, but Uniqlo oxfords are not sized noticeably different from other dept store/otr stores (j.crew, br, etc). I bought a couple oxfords and a flannel in S, I wore one of them before deciding I really ought to go with XS (or visit a tailor x4) if I ever wanted to wear untucked. I know a lot of people pay for a proxy so I'm going to keep these in case anyone is wanting a couple shirts in S.
I like them as snug as I can get, roomy shoes are pretty awkward in my opinion. Extra space means my foot can shift around and this negates having an insole which is supposed to support your foot. I'm a smaller guy so visually clunky shoes look out of place on me, particularly boots which can give horrible heel slip if they aren't sized correctly.
Yeah, I took the black JS rockers last time around in a 28 and they were huge. I'm 5'6" and ~30" at the waist.
Going to be in ny tomorrow morning through the eighth or tenth.. any good upcoming sales I should check out? Sales, not really shops.. I want to do A.P.C. Surplus, Uniqlo.. is OC good with sales?
I've got a couple pairs of jeans as well a few other items I want to sell.. Use varies item to item but generally each is in great condition. Ask questions, request pics, etc.. Shipping cost is split. I'm okay with shipping elsewhere, run your location by me and I'll figure out cost. Thanks for looking. 1. Corpus Rye Raw sz. 28 --- $50 > $45 > $40 waist: 14.5" ; rise: 9" ; leg: 10.5" ; hem: 6.5" ; inseam: 34" Skinny jean with interesting denim and details. Wish I...
Read somewhere of small operation mills overseas which produce high-quality wool products- can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm tired of merino pilling and balancing fit with quality and cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai Does anyone else thing this style is ugly, or am I just too old to appreciate the latest thing? Seriously.. ?
Chuck Taylors are a couple steps backwards I think.. Brown desert boots are very versatile without being bland, I suggest you get those even if you've got a little bit to wait. Zappos is usually all about good service and restock things quickly. I've got a question- I bought a cheap wool blend peacoat last year, it lasted me a season and right now it's fine for california winters. I'm going to nyc next weekend and desperately need something very warm and functional. I'm...
Um, depending on how much water you use (I used a washing machine), the water turns into a disgusting, incredibly dense olive/brown. It stains the pocket bags and the "SOMET" tag inside the waistband. I don't really mind about the staining but I would not like to have been letting that rub up against my body, clothes, furniture, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by so1id Can someone recommend me a nice pair of raw jeans to wear for everyday use? I have a pair of Levi's 514 jeans that I wear pretty much everyday but I would like something that's a bit higher in quality. My budget is under $200. I'm also about 5'6" and 137 lbs. I lift weights 3 days of the week and my thighs measure about 20" and my waist is 30". The problems I usually encounter are that the slim jeans are too long or its...
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