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There's a lot more leniency with colors here than in somewhere like MC. People will abide by rules but there exist exceptions to them, you'll need to figure out when you can wear brown shoes with something black, or what sorts of black shoes are appropriate in general. One thing I can say is if you're like anyone here and wear lots of raw denim, you might want to avoid navy colored outwear unless you can make it work.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Are all the jeans labeled "rigid" on the levi's website raw? Or are the STF's the only raw ones? Rigid's neither raw nor stf. Usually is "tumbled rigid" which means they look like "rigid" (raw) jeans, unless I'm wrong.
I'd like to add although APC are the introductory raw jean you might want to browse another simple brand or two if you feel there's anything about APC which puts you off. They're notorious for stretch (multiple sizes) and I personally do not think they age well. I don't expect you to anticipate wearing your jeans down to death but I see much more unattractive, washed out pairs of worn APC than I do attractive and brilliant ones. Pre-styled denim does fade but...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira It won't strengthen anything...... Soaking sanforized denim is good because it gets what little shrink it can out (ALL denim will shrink when first exposed to water and when exposed to heat) as well as "loosen up" the indigo dye (getting rid of any excess allowing for the jeans to fade faster) Not strengthen literally, but cotton fibers when starched become brittle and dry and more prone to tear, don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by nooblet333 LOL... So your a 32.5?? No, if you're a 36" waist you're a 36" waist. There's no practical correlation between measured size and tagged size. Although prior to measuring your waist you may have consistently bought jeans in the same tagged size, this doesn't mean there's any correlation if all your jeans fit ever so slightly different, which I'm almost positive they do.
This should also be a good resource for others to see how certain fades are produced and by what brands assuming everyone gives details or activities they engage in for the purpose of this contest.
I'd definitely consider hiking, swimming, tackle football, etc with the somets.
Can you take pictures of the Trovata? Are the photos color-accurate?
Yeah it was a little ridiculous. Outside of SF 28's are usually as small as things get so I can't imagine people who thought to order true to size.
I'm sorry I can't say about their outerwear but I can say their sweaters and a few non-button front shirts are smaller than their button front shirting. I usually get a M in sweaters etc but their S shirts are too large.
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