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There's definitely fashion conscious women who recognize men's fashion for what it is but to them, I guess it still comes down to personal preference. Fashion isn't always great to the opposite sex. Then there are the ones who don't understand and just think it's unfashionable and behind the times and w/e but if you look at what they personally like..
I like light blue oxfords. Police officer-chic?
Wear them less often.
For me, it's not so much they're made horribly (used to own a jacket and a couple shirts) it's just that they're cheaper copies of something else. The things which they didn't design put them out of consideration for me.
Uniqlo socks all the way. I think I've bought about 15 or so pairs, maybe more.
Separate thread maybe.
There's enough mistakes in that block of text to make it useless for any point you're trying to make. People wash their jeans as soon as they get them and some wait longer. Could you explain why washing them from day one then waiting a couple months would result in something different from waiting 6 months to wash? These are also things suggested by your links: - If you spill something on your Raw denim you can wipe it off, or wait for the spot to dry and it will...
Are you getting both in indigo?
Stare at your adequate mall jeans and in a few weeks they'll turn into something disgusting. Happened to me.
"Better" is a pretty loose term. I'm going to make a huge ignorant blanket generalization and say denim's not as linear as MC in terms of "better".. Well APC are standard indigo with contrast stitching.. The orange stitching would prevent me from coupling it with a sportcoat or anything like that. Sizing is also a nightmare because of stretch and you might disagree with the fits they offer. I would also like denim which remained dark for longer than APC and with a...
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