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Think the shoulders would be too wide if he sized up.
This makes no sense. You say the stuff is low-quality and cheap, and you're still confused why they aren't liked?
ALL SOLD A couple shirts I definitely don't wear. The Uniqlo stuff is literally a couple days old. Add 3 dollars to help for shipping/fees, thanks. Let me know if you need any more measurements or pictures. Thank you. 1. J.Crew button-down oxford xs (white) Worn 2-3 times, washed and never touched again. p2p: 18.5" ; shoulders: 16.5" 2. Uniqlo flannel s NWOT p2p: 19" ; shoulders: 17" 3. Uniqlo oxford s (gray) NWOT p2p: 18.5" ; shoulders: 17" 4. Uniqlo oxford s...
The stuff looked picked over and the selection isn't great but it's just basics. The lambswool sweaters are a little scarce but there are still a couple (considered getting one), fleece is thriving and the merino (premium cotton?) cardigans look healthy. I haven't checked the sizes though, it could be that the cardigans are in large sizes like the blazers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi ^^^ They're the big sneaker site. Seems so out of place.. Oh, sorry op don't know the code. Check the archive in nsb?
They still have a whole bunch of button-front shirts. I picked up 3 oxfords in xs and going back tomorrow for a couple other things.
lol, they're dunks.
Quote: Originally Posted by hibbleton brown desert boots with black jeans, yay/nay? Thought it was obnoxious but after looking at a bunch of self edge pics I really like it. Esp coated black.
There's definitely fashion conscious women who recognize men's fashion for what it is but to them, I guess it still comes down to personal preference. Fashion isn't always great to the opposite sex. Then there are the ones who don't understand and just think it's unfashionable and behind the times and w/e but if you look at what they personally like..
I like light blue oxfords. Police officer-chic?
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