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Just going to leave this here
http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=520 Definitely not Sf approved but I've got a pair of OBEY which satisfy those requirements except color. I love them, I just wish they were better made. At least on the level of my Somets. BiG is a store, Blue in Green.
When you have to tell people you don't buy stuff at the mall but when you do tag along, you a) constantly check the care tag and scoff at any portion of acrylic, nylon etc. b) shudder at imagining paying anything more than 50% off the retail c) keep in mind you're only looking for "basics" Always thought selvedge Levi's were pretty distinguishing. Average mall consumer needs to give a lot of effort to get ahold of LVC which to anyone outside of the know looks...
Measurements on the uniqlo please.
Think I scooped the last one in M.
Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon Does ACNE's denim normally fade fast? Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon I bought a pair of ACNE and, after having worn them for no more than 3 weeks, I already got some clear fades (shown in the pix below). I didn't get fades like these with APCs even after wearing them for more than 1 month. ..
Drops on a couple items w/ interest.
Thank you. : )
Hey, what are the buttons on the J.Crew made of?
Quote: Originally Posted by ROYGEN I called up J.Crew's C.S. and they are indeed the same pair as i posted in the link... To make sure i also asked the person whom i got it from and they're indeed from the catalog. What seems to be so special about this pair? Or are they just regular STF that's been marked up 200% from original price... Thanks! They're not the same, the selvedge band is narrower than the one you linked and the hem is...
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