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Hey, what are the buttons on the J.Crew made of?
Quote: Originally Posted by ROYGEN I called up J.Crew's C.S. and they are indeed the same pair as i posted in the link... To make sure i also asked the person whom i got it from and they're indeed from the catalog. What seems to be so special about this pair? Or are they just regular STF that's been marked up 200% from original price... Thanks! They're not the same, the selvedge band is narrower than the one you linked and the hem is...
Man.. if these were a small..
Quote: Originally Posted by FourFemur What constitutes 'well constructed' jeans? For a lot of people here it's price point. In my experience it's easier to discern quality after owning, washing, wearing, etc a pair for a while.. obviously, because that's when not-so-great jeans show signs of wear/tear. Just looking for features like tailored belt loops, selvedge, chainstitching could mislead you. But anyway, I expect well-constructed jeans to...
Added jeans, cardi, chinos, altapp.
You sound good to go.. Since you aren't tapering them you shouldn't need to specify about the selvedge band.. Just don't get them trouser-length, but I'm sure you got that already.
Hey there, mind telling how tall you are? I really like that shirt.
I don't mind black denim, socks, accessories, but outerwear looks great in navy. It's compatible with a lot more and doesn't have a stark appearance which kind of needs to be "maintained". Plus the world is swimming in enough black pea coats.
Added measurements.
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