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Measurements on the uniqlo please.
Think I scooped the last one in M.
Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon Does ACNE's denim normally fade fast? Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon I bought a pair of ACNE and, after having worn them for no more than 3 weeks, I already got some clear fades (shown in the pix below). I didn't get fades like these with APCs even after wearing them for more than 1 month. ..
Drops on a couple items w/ interest.
Thank you. : )
Hey, what are the buttons on the J.Crew made of?
Quote: Originally Posted by ROYGEN I called up J.Crew's C.S. and they are indeed the same pair as i posted in the link... To make sure i also asked the person whom i got it from and they're indeed from the catalog. What seems to be so special about this pair? Or are they just regular STF that's been marked up 200% from original price... Thanks! They're not the same, the selvedge band is narrower than the one you linked and the hem is...
Man.. if these were a small..
Quote: Originally Posted by FourFemur What constitutes 'well constructed' jeans? For a lot of people here it's price point. In my experience it's easier to discern quality after owning, washing, wearing, etc a pair for a while.. obviously, because that's when not-so-great jeans show signs of wear/tear. Just looking for features like tailored belt loops, selvedge, chainstitching could mislead you. But anyway, I expect well-constructed jeans to...
Added jeans, cardi, chinos, altapp.
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