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Hey there, mind telling how tall you are? I really like that shirt.
I don't mind black denim, socks, accessories, but outerwear looks great in navy. It's compatible with a lot more and doesn't have a stark appearance which kind of needs to be "maintained". Plus the world is swimming in enough black pea coats.
Added measurements.
Idk his name but I'm pretty sure I saw the guy from Street Etiquette there the other day lol.
That looks great man. It's nice seeing a thicker cardi which isn't stretched taut over someone's too-wide chest.
Well, it kind of is.
Is it even possible to rebound from that without serious medical conditions?
Think the shoulders would be too wide if he sized up.
This makes no sense. You say the stuff is low-quality and cheap, and you're still confused why they aren't liked?
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