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I know you're asking about shoes but just swap your shirting order. For athletic shoes, you'll probably want to stick with classic white sneakers. Asics and other running/riding shoes are too colorful and inappropriate, like when you see them on people in sweats at the grocery store. You mentioned church and going out friday nights.. Clarks Desert Boot in a darker shade of brown is probably best.
Stuff like this makes me wonder what made mjk stick to shirting.
Any suggestions for a navy or gray herringbone double breasted pea-looking jacket? Wool, lined, vented, stand up collar.. Kind of like a trench but without epaulets and belt.. Pretty open but I don't like sterlingwear.
Have you been steadily losing weight? 1500 cal/1 day with exercise should be putting you at a pretty large defecit. Hell, I lose weight at 1500 (5'6" ; 130).
This is a quick question. Get the 32.
The first might be passable, I don't know what you're thinking with the last two?
They look too tight around the seat to me.. There's no drape in the back and just looks uncomfortable.
Not cashing in on the tragedy, just carrying on business as usual but donating proceeds to charity. With the number of people who wake up early to shop on these sites I think that would have been more succesful. Idk how many people got on, read the message, then sought out a charity to donate to.
I was thinking the same.. usually what happens is people twist consuming to make it charitable like giving a (sometimes large) portion of rev to charity while rewarding shoppers with something stupid.
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