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Levi's Capital E maybe? Up to one hundred dollars you're looking at the essentially the same kind of denim with increasing little features of embellishments, imo. Capital E's sold as slightly more "premium" and they're pretty conservative in shape and color. The available sizes should also speak of target customers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mountains It's a good-quality jean for $80 with a logo in dark stitching. Considering the price, it's far better than any of the mall brands at retail (J Crew, GAP, PRL, Uniqlo, etc etc). Not really.. the places you listed are usually better than and preferred over paper-thin designer denim. Usually without the R's or something similar.
There are hundreds of pages in this thread with tons of the same recycled information, measurements, pictures, etc. Go to the first, and read. Bad internettiquete to come and expect answers to naive questions asked hundreds of times already without having contributed anything yourself, y'know..
Edges look unfinished to me. And thanks for the suggestions.
What's a good suggestion for thin cotton cardigans? I really liked J.Crew's cotton/cash but they don't seem to have much anymore. It's necessary they be not-so-warm or substantial.
Those look great, keep the double cuff! I'd make them just a little smaller but I like them.
Looks like a great straight leg. Enough folds without a big stacking effect.
How long did you leave them in there for?
I know you're asking about shoes but just swap your shirting order. For athletic shoes, you'll probably want to stick with classic white sneakers. Asics and other running/riding shoes are too colorful and inappropriate, like when you see them on people in sweats at the grocery store. You mentioned church and going out friday nights.. Clarks Desert Boot in a darker shade of brown is probably best.
Stuff like this makes me wonder what made mjk stick to shirting.
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