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The shoes are HOPE and I picked up the jeans from B&S. Had to play the waiting game for a while.
yeah.. I cut hair for money.
ohh boy, fit + details
I'd do gap. From experience UO quality is piss poor, no liability, and unbranded is exclusive to them. But some speculate unbranded is an offshoot of n&f..
Same age and situation as you and also recently been to one of "those" parties- bad place to start. Like mentioned, it's a house with invisible walls everywhere. Not to stereotype but you could spark conversations and meet people in places where people you'd like to surround yourself with tend to go. I'm guessing frat parties don't really attract the noblest of creatures.
Light blue + boat shoes sounds pretty bad.. The colors would look pretty washed out and boat shoes + light/distressed jeans would look out of place with a cashmere sweater, which is more sophisticated. I'd probably go with dark indigo and dark brown leather shoes/boots. I don't know about suede or desert boots because I think it'd look a little bit too matchy. I think black denim could look a little edgy or just bad. Question: Good source for casual ties? To go with denim...
1) ask forum for help 2) reject advice 3) display smug hostility towards said forum 4) ask again?
Quit bumping, it's against the rules.
Navy is most versatile. Can't stand black peacoats.. Probably because they're mostly worn by people without style sense who think throwin one on is insta-style.
I lol'd when I saw impoly's fit, it's so sf it hurts. No hate, it looks fantastic and so does his last one.
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