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1) ask forum for help 2) reject advice 3) display smug hostility towards said forum 4) ask again?
Quit bumping, it's against the rules.
Navy is most versatile. Can't stand black peacoats.. Probably because they're mostly worn by people without style sense who think throwin one on is insta-style.
I lol'd when I saw impoly's fit, it's so sf it hurts. No hate, it looks fantastic and so does his last one.
I don't know about you guys but I don't really like the crisp blue look with sharp localized distressing.. I think they'll look much better when the seat and lap start to ighten up.
What does SW&D think of double cuffed slim leg to no break, slightly mod length over a structured boot like gt's?
They might or they might not, you shouldn't try to make a connection because there's none there. Best advice is measure, ask around, or buy from somewhere with a great return policy.
No chance of measurements eh? Interested in the cardigans and the medium crews
Yup, and unless you cinch your belt very tight, walking around will drop the waistband of your pants and bring the crotch down farther towards your knees.
How much time do you spend on your knees dude? : / I've had my 003's for way longer than you and I'm not even close.
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