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Why do you wash your jeans after every wear.. ? Yeah, I'd like to echo the sentiment that jeans three times the price are not necessarily three times more durable, at all, I hope people don't think that's how it works.
Stuff looks good.. a couple notes: Photo below looks pretty unbelievable. The environment is in such stark contrast to the deep impeccable hues of the clothing. A few fits look too slim to be believable. With the right lensing and 'shop effects this could look like a horror film lol.
Dunno. Fit is usually one factor of three for me. The other two are craftsmanship/materials/longevity and versatility. How much I shell out is usually raised or decreased by how well whatever I'm interested in stacks in those three categories. I can go to H&M and everything fits but I don't buy anything because the lifetime of the garment is seriously in weeks and the fabric is uncomfortable. Exclusivity and "details" usually up it for me but I don't need limited...
Just like to say if you do go to big you'll likely need to make return trips.
Have had this for a long time but never used it and it looks like it won't be seeing any use in the future either. The pictures without flash show color most accurately. The leather is aromatic and soft, comfortably supple. Fairly certain the strap is full leather as well. There are 3 compartments- the flap on the outside (which contains a small pen loop), the top-entry zip main compartment (haven't taken out the tissues but their might be some more internal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Quoted for stupidity. Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie ^ please explain. if you think that you'll get a good response from a dude (ie make a friend) if he thinks you're hitting on him, you are wildly out of touch. i'm guessing this is yet another case of wild oversensitivity to anything even mildly related to homophobia. i don't let that phenomenon keep me from discussing...
Slacks are fine. Cashmere sweaters just don't come off as a "throw on" item so it'd look odd paired with casual stuff. Like a boldy knotted silk tie on an oxford and cords.
I set an email order a couple weeks ago and it only took about 4/5 days for them to call me..
Yeah, they're Cures so I'm guessing a good while back. Does APC still make Cures?
Flying off the shelves, jesus.
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