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I hope it's ugly; I really can't be tempted to order one. Just seeing the letters "BCDR", and knowing what they mean in that sequence makes me trigger happy with paypal.
This guy. But really, it stopped fitting me in the shoulders and I'm only getting bigger. I remind myself of that every time I think of asking you to buy it back.
Damn, I had that jacket in blistered lamb. If ever there was a piece I regretted selling...
I'm thinking troll.
I don't know if this sort of thing is allowed, but I have the +J stretch cashmere cardigan, medium, in brown. Too big, should have gone with small. But before I return, I was wondering if anyone on here wants it. Also, the chunky v neck, small, black. Same deal.
I like the starkness of that white a lot. I think a lot of techy stuff like arcteryx and aether looks good in a cold clinical white, like that one limited edition rolltop rucksack that I can't remember who made. I think it was ripstop or some proprietary material.
Most styleforvm fit in the last couple pages. [[SPOILER]]
LolSaturday night, tucked v untucked. Went to do sushi and karaoke, couldn't get a room so went to a dive across town. The band playing was pretty good. Need to get the sides of my head shaved soon [3]. [[SPOILER]]
For every good piece of MMM footwear there seems to be like five ugly trompe l'oiel pieces which cost twice as much.
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