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Source? That's pretty higher than I'd expect...
Disagree, I think the quilting lapels zips etc already make it super bold as is, and for a spring/summer dry weather jacket a breezy tan just sounds good. Bold color suede kinda washes out because of the way light bounces off it.
S/S 10 never forget
^ Oh shit Suede diamond quilt BCDR would be a near insta-paypal, maybe in a nappy taupe a la vintage brit riding jackets
Two nwt items, didn't work out with sizing. One's heavy-gauge v-neck, black, small; other is the stretch cashmere cardi, brown, med. V-neck: 50.00 Cardigan: 70.00 Both fit TTS, cardigan is not smaller due to stretch factor and the v-neck is just a little too thick for my tastes.
Trying to make room in the closet! Fits TTS, measurements upon interest. Worn once retailed for 60-80 I think.
Pre-owned, pretty lightly worn. I wear a 40 in pretty much everything but athletic stuff. 40 is a little roomy in Raf though. Marigela, CP both 40.
I can deal with the TB pull tab but the placket is a little much.. otherwise decent, shape from the top looks like raf without the round toeline
Did the du with scripty chest piece circa 07 just say he had great taste
The v-neck (black) is Small, the cardigan is Medium (brown). Heavy gauge for 50 shipped, stretch-cashmere (so nice) for 70 shipped. Offering here for about a week before a return.
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