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Wish this were in my size. Probably the most interesting piece I've seen from APC
Personally I think you have a shape well suited for the jacket. You're just a little muscular and seeing your shoulders in a jacket intended to have strong structured shoulders isn't good... and considering its calf even moreso. Roomier top imo is needed
Decent ann footwear in small "sf" sizes. On yoox.
Ann riding boots, 41 http://www.yoox.com/us/44380009LH/item?dept=emergingmfw12#sts=sr_emergingmfw1280&cod10=44380009LH&sizeId=7 Ann sneakers low, 40 http://www.yoox.com/us/44379436BX/item?dept=emergingmfw12#sts=sr_emergingmfw1280&cod10=44379436BX&sizeId=5 Ann cuff boots, brown, 40 http://www.yoox.com/us/44427610IX/item?dept=emergingmfw12#sts=sr_emergingmfw1280&cod10=44427610IX&sizeId=5
Current: Depeche Mode, Shake The Disease.
You're right, shirt looks too clingy there.. Same with the jeans (partially elastic). I wear my tees pretty hard and they usually get all stretched out so I tend to buy snug
I'm a little too top-heavy to pull the tuck off flawlessly, but fuck it it's saturday night and I feel like peacocking a little bit. Or something. Additional pic and lifestyle in spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
Hey Drew, any thoughts on future mixed material jackets that aren't varsities? Kind of like the leather detailing on the pea but maybe with more use. Panneling or something
American Crew pomade is not very good for holding your hair in positions it doesn't want to be in. I use it to give a slightly wet look and define the part in my hair, but the general way my hair falls is the same without pomade. That doesn't sound like that's the case for you. Try a heavier product with a stronger hold. Alternatively, stop shampooing and just wash with water and scrub your scalp; the weight of natural oils may keep the poof from returning.
I hope it's ugly; I really can't be tempted to order one. Just seeing the letters "BCDR", and knowing what they mean in that sequence makes me trigger happy with paypal.
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