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Love the details on the breast pocket
I don't think so, seeing how APC stretches much more than unbranded, but that may be due to some other thing.
I looked at a London trench yesterday which was tagged Made in England.
Source? That's pretty higher than I'd expect...
Disagree, I think the quilting lapels zips etc already make it super bold as is, and for a spring/summer dry weather jacket a breezy tan just sounds good. Bold color suede kinda washes out because of the way light bounces off it.
S/S 10 never forget
^ Oh shit Suede diamond quilt BCDR would be a near insta-paypal, maybe in a nappy taupe a la vintage brit riding jackets
Two nwt items, didn't work out with sizing. One's heavy-gauge v-neck, black, small; other is the stretch cashmere cardi, brown, med. V-neck: 50.00 Cardigan: 70.00 Both fit TTS, cardigan is not smaller due to stretch factor and the v-neck is just a little too thick for my tastes.
Trying to make room in the closet! Fits TTS, measurements upon interest. Worn once retailed for 60-80 I think.
Pre-owned, pretty lightly worn. I wear a 40 in pretty much everything but athletic stuff. 40 is a little roomy in Raf though. Marigela, CP both 40.
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